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WILCO - 10/12/2009 Columbus, OH

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Here is the setlist:


On stage @ 9:17 p.m.


Intro - Price Is Right Theme Music


Wilco (The Song)

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

One Wing

A Shot In The Arm

Bull Black Nova

You Are My Face

One By One

I'll Fight

At Least That's What You Said

Deeper Down

Impossible Germany

Country Disappeared

Handshake Drugs

Wishful Thinking

---band introductions from Glenn's drum pads--

You Never Know (w/ Liam Finn)

I'm Always in Love

Jesus, Etc. (sing-along)


I'm The Man Who Loves You




Encore #1:

Misunderstood (for the adorable little boy in row 3!) - 31 nothings

The Late Greats

California Stars (w/ Liam Finn and Eliza Jane Barnes)

Heavy Metal Drummer

Hate It Here



Hoodoo Voodoo (w/ Liam Finn - cowbell)

I'm A Wheel


Off stage @ 11:37 p.m.

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It was a great show, in terms of pure muscle it beat out all the previous Wilco shows I've went to. But it's not "I Am Your Face," it's "You Are My Face," and Liam Finn did some cowbell work on Hoodoo Voodoo, if I remember correctly.

Thanks - edited the setlist - need to proofread better before I post.

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Price Is Right Theme Music Intro.


After One Wing and before Bull Black Nova, A Shot In The Arm was played.


After You Are My Face and before I'll Fight, One By One was played.


First song of the encore was Misunderstood - 31 Nothings. This was an addition as it was not on the set list.


During the noise out of IATTBYH (2nd song), Jeff ran off stage left toward the dressing room area, was gone for 15-20 seconds, and when he came back on stage he went behind Glenn's drums and came back on stage right, Nels side??? Not sure what went on.


They had band introductions before You Never Know. These were pre-recorded. Glenn hit his electronic drum pads for each member's announcement. For Jeff it said "Master Of Ceremonies-Jeff Tweedy"


As Kevan mentioned, Columbus totally blew the Jesus, Etc. sing along. If anything is to kill this from continuing, it could be this horrible failure. Jeff said it must be the whiskey that made everyone sing so well in Austin, but he still couldn't understand why we didn't even know the lyrics.


Jeff said the Columbus audience was polite, and patient. Not much yelling, during One By One you could have heard a pin drop.


The sound was amazing from my spot on the floor.


28 songs total


On stage @ 9:17 p.m. Off stage @ 11:37 p.m.

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This was a really, really fun show! Thanks to everyone above for the setlist details (ditty, I'll edit the original setlist with your corrections for the record).


Favorites were Country Disappeared, Deeper Down, Bull Black Nova, One By One, I'll Fight, Hoodoo Voodoo ... oh shit, I can't stop there - the whole show was just so well done, even decent sound in the 4th row pit (although I could barely hear Pat's guitar at all on HV). But I'm so happy we made the trip. Worth it! (Plus the autumn trees are so pretty right now!)


LOVED the band introductions! AND THE GONG!!! :w00t


And JT told Liam that his red & black leather jacket was going to give him VD. I thought it was the Flying V guitar that gave you VD? :yay


Even though the Jesus Etc sing-along didn't quite meet up with other cities' responses, I think Columbus was one of the nicest audiences I have experienced in a long, long time. :thumbup It was a Monday night show, on OSU campus, no alcohol served.


And re: the videotaping thing: Here's what went down. ;)




A note taped to each entry door of the venue read this (or close enough):









And the Columbus audience responded to this, totally got with the program. I was in the pit, and throughout the night I took a quick turn around, looked at the full room, and there were NO flashes, NO lights, NO cell phones up in the air ... nothing but happy smiling faces and people getting into the music. Well, okay - full disclosure - there were a couple very mild infractions, one videotaper "for the kid" and one flash photo user ... but I hope JT is pretty happy overall with the Columbus crowd's response to the "no videotaping" notes.


So if this is what JT wants from the audience, it should be no problem getting the point across to fans in other venues with a simple note on the entry doors. It really worked well IMO. I guess if the doors are held open for multiple people to enter, the notes might not be read by some people, so maybe putting notes on both sides of the doors might prevent someone missing it, just to be sure everyone is on the same page on this. Or a stand-up sign inside the doors.


Anyway, I just don't think this is that big of a deal.


Onward with more - more enjoyable - shows! See you at Ann Arbor! :dancing

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During the noise out of IATTBYH (2nd song), Jeff ran off stage left toward the dressing room area, was gone for 15-20 seconds, and when he came back on stage he went behind Glenn's drums and came back on stage right, Nels side??? Not sure what went on.


He did the same thing opening for Neil last December in Detroit. I was sitting beside the stage and watched him puke into a trash can. He drank some bottled water, went back on stage and it was like nothing was wrong. He sounded great. Jeff had "the bug". Kill the bug.

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What a great show. Started off great with meeting Sunshine (sorry about your ticket mixup). Jeff did look a bit sick at the beginning, but seemed to feel better as the show went on. I really appreciated the setlist-this is my 4th show and they played 7 songs I'd never heard before.

Minor annoyances included a amazonian college photographer who stood in front of me for the first 3 songs or so. Also in light of what happened the other day, I thought Jeff may meltdown when the guy with the kid argued with him about videotaping. Luckily that didn't happen. All in all it was fantastic--on to Toronto for 2 shows --our first "Wilcation" ever.

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It was nice to see that Nels is interacting a little more, than just playing guitar


I enjoyed this too, and Jeff seemed to have a big grin as well.


I was in Detroit, too and thought about that last nite too. And it was so early on (2nd song, yes?).


Yes, it was at the end of IATTBYH, at some point, before Jesus, Etc. Jeff mentioned he had a cold.

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I have a handful of friends who are photographers that are lucky enough to shoot live music. For Non-Festival sets, most, if not all bands policy allows for photos to be taken during the 1st 3 songs from the front. Some venues have a small area b/t the stage and the front row for safety/ boucner/ crowd surfer let down points. Sounds like the venue last night didn't have that.



Sunshine...sounds like you are just an unhappy person. Air guitar and smelly, farty people? You are a bad ass and are big and tough here on the boards aren't you?


If you don't like meeting assholes when you step outside for a smoke. How about you quit smoking?

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Um, no. I usually have a fantastic time at shows and meet some really cool people, smoking and non-smoking. I'm generally extroverted and can find a general point of interest to talk about with anyone. Were you one of those jerks from last nite? Take a shower.


I mean really, were you there? Can you even consider another person's POV?


Big n bad on the board, huh? Thanks for the laugh, and the righteous indignation/finger wagging.


I won't be able to click my computer mouse today...finger wagging injury.


I've been around smelly people before and it can def. ruin a show for sure. I normally move, but that's when the seating is GA. Unfortunately when the seating arrangement is like it is in venues like last night, you just have to grin and bear it.

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dude, I tried to grin and bear it. I was a little stuck. But the air guitar, and I mean way out there, jumping aroud, make Nels Cline look like a wooden broard air guitar was a bit much. I was getting bumped and stepped on.



Oh well.


Cheers. Hope the finger feels better. :P

I saw those people, they would have annoyed me, too. You're a trooper to have stuck it out.


As for the stinky people? So that's why you were sorta standing in the aisle! :lol

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Last night was def. worth the trip from Cincy. We (GF) got to C-Bus at 5, parked in the ramp next to the venue. Grabbed a coffee and went for a nice walk on the outskirts of campus. We were waiting to meet friends for dinner and starving, so hit Mad Mex for chips and a beer, great music selection there (Dylan and Neutral Milk Hotel). Met friends at Eddie George's (their suggestion, not really my type of place). Food was fine, beers flowed. I didn't know the show wouldn't be selling alcohol, that was disappointing, as I had a nice buzz I wanted to maintain. We stopped across from Mershon for a couple more and headed in.


Seats were on aisle, E-15. People around us were nice enough, acted like they were at a conference for sufferers of Gout, though. Not-a-one sang during Jesus, etc., people sitting down and generally feigning interest. (doing Wilco a favor being there? Distant cousins dragged to the show by family obligation? I'll assume so.) People in front of us left a little over halfway through. Girl behind us layed, not sat, layed in her seat the ENTIRE show. I don't understand people. Onward... Really enjoyed the setlist. Monday, Hoodoo, Wishful Thinking, altwys, You Are My Face, Cali Stars, One by One all made my night! Jeff was funny and seemed happy to be there. Nels shredded.


When we left the parking ramp was wide open so we didn't have to pay to park, that was a nice surprise. Tired for the drive home but GF stayed awake(!) and Radiolab took care of us until we got back at 1:15. Our dog was very happy to see us.


Thanks, Wilco!!

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Concert Review Wilco


Tweedy sends a retort to indie-rock doubters


Tuesday, October 13, 2009 3:14 AM

By Curt Schieber




Wilco's Jeff Tweedy shared a little of what he has learned growing up in public, on stage and in song last night during a relaxed but passionate 90-plus minute show in the Wexner Center's Mershon Auditorium.


Some of that experience was delivered in a raucous reading of You Never Know, the first single from the band's current Wilco (The Album).


"Every generation thinks it's the end of the world," he sang knowingly, finishing the thought later: "Come on kids, you're acting like children/Act your age."


Those lines and that song might have been written off-handedly, aimed at a fickle indie-rock scene that sometimes views Wilco as old-timers or a cynical summation of a career in rock 'n' roll.


Likely, it also was tongue-in-cheek self-examination, directed at a guy who's been through the wringer, both personally and professionally.


One of the great pleasures in a Wilco concert is sharing the comfort and commitment with which Tweedy addresses a body of work that traces a musical and personal odyssey.


There was bitterness, laced with some of the sweetest guitar-driven rock of the evening, in A Shot In The Arm. Sentimentality was shared with the audience in Jesus, Etc, sung by the crowd alone for the first half. The abstractly-worded Impossible Germany provided the high-wire thrills of the recording with three guitars going at it.


The band, perhaps the most solid and long-lasting aggregation named "Wilco," was key. Drummer Glenn Kotche and bassist John Stirratt anchored an ambitious set of grooves that sometimes, as in Bull Black Nova, shifted almost without warning.


Keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen added delicious fills to the mix, fattening songs to the point of displaying the sound system's faults. The mix, muddy from the sides of the hall, in fact sabotaged some of the best songs.


Guitarist Nels Cline broke through all night, though, proving that he is the band's best weapon. Alternating between screaming, note-filled solos, rich steel-guitar parts and creative rhythm accompaniment, he was the unheralded star.


Liam Finn and Eliza Jane opened with an electric guitar-driven set that was a poor representation of their fetching recent pop recording.

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People in front of us left a little over halfway through. Girl behind us layed, not sat, layed in her seat the ENTIRE show. I don't understand people.


We were in section B, the people behind us left around 11 p.m., I noticed a girl in section C, laying in her seat...we drove from Indianapolis and there was NO WAY WE WERE LEAVING EARLY!!! We did race out the door afterwords as it was a 2 and a half hour drive and had to work at 8 a.m. but as usual, Wilco made it worth the drive and lack of sleep.

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Openers Liam Finn and Eliza Jane Barnes were fun and all, but I'm getting tired of the whole loop thing. Guy I saw at SXSW did "Come Together" with loops, and while it's a neat parlor trick, it gets old pretty quick.



Unless it's Andrew Bird.

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To 'Sunshine': sorry if I ruined the show for you. I 'misunderstood' the signs on the way in (I thought it said no camcorders - I know, I'm a dummy...) So, I wasn't trying to break the rules. I was just trying to capture some of the magic for my son to enjoy later. Most of the time I was recording I had the camera at chest level though - I think I must have gotten in your field of vision while I was holding the camera up to take some still photos. Want one? Let me know - I got some good shots. My seven year old son had the time of his life. He has watched all the Wilco movies and we've run out of Wilco video to show him. So, I was trying to capture some video for him to enjoy later (just him - wasn't planning on putting it on youtube or anything...)


His favorite song is Misunderstood, so I suggested he make a sign with 'Misunderstood!' on it for the band to see. I caught the setlist taped to the stage prior to the show and saw that Misunderstood wasn't on there. So I walked him up to the front and he held up his sign during Jesus Etc and Jeff acknowledged it. Then they came out right after the break and played it! I felt so bad when Jeff scolded me - I will have to send him an apology as I feel bad for bringing him down. Wilco has brought our family so much joy - I hate the thought of him being annoyed at me - especially after playing my son's request! I think Hummingbird was the casualty to squeeze Misunderstood in...


So, Sunshine, I want to thank you for bringing to my attention the evils of holding up a camera during the show. I hope next show you go see Wilco you don't have to sit next to annoying smelly people with air guitars!


- Husband of Kissle Me Some More

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Dear Husband of Kissel Me Some More:


He was the cutest little tot, standing on his chair in row 3 (I was in row 4 behind you and over a few seats) and I got more grins out of watching your little boy's enjoyment of the show than I probably did from watching the band ( Shocking, I know! But he was that cute! ) Man, he really took it all in, and clearly has heard a LOT of Wilco music in his life. I only saw him yawn once, and that was a long/late show. What a trooper. And how he danced and pumped his fists at the right time in the songs, but the look on his face when Misunderstood came on? Just priceless! :w00t


Actually, I loved Misunderstood in the place of Hummingbird. So thank him for persevering with the sign. ;)

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That's a great looking setlist. Theologians, Wishful Thinking, Country Disappeared, One By One, I'm Always In Love... and I'm A Wheel as the closer. :wub

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