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Happy Birthday Wendy!!

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Hope it was a great one, concert buddy! :)

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Thanks everybody!


All Wilco shows are fun and special and amazing no matter when, but it was really fun to have this big UIC one fall on my birthday. So of course, I had a GREAT day thanks to my friends ... and Wilco. One of those days where you have to keep wiping smudges off your glasses because you get so many hugs! :wub I don't mind! ;)


I got pulled over for speeding on US30 on the way to Chicago, and even the cop said he wouldn't ticket me on my birthday :thumbup


I was treated to a delicious Italian dinner at The Rosebud with Maureen & Erik preshow, after which we hopped over to the venue in time for a little Tortoise. Had fantastic RSVD seats right up off the stage, could see everything Pat contributed keyboard-wise to the performance (I never get to see from this vantage!), and we danced all through the Wilco show. :dancing ... and after being blown away by one last Hoodoo Voodoo finale, said goodbye to Maureen & Erik :cheekkiss and joined some of you great VC folks for some aftershow fun. (I can't believe I met P@TM!!! :wave ) Good times!


I did stay up really REALLY late driving home so yesterday was a sleeping day and then another birthday dinner (sushi!) with a relative, and tonight was the birthday dinner (grilled salmon & chocolate ganache with 1 :shifty birthday candle - ha!) with my high school girlfriends. So a lot of things going on in addition to the 3 Wilco shows in 1 week. So much fun!


But check this out ... Heather and Russ gave me this mini-gong in homage to Glenn's new toy! I LOVE IT! :lol



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