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Martin Newell - new EPs (and now an LP!) available for DL

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No, they're not free, but I am always happy to support Martin and other folks like him, going at it alone.




Here's the link, if you're interested:



Just an FYI from a big fan.

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I bought them, and just gave them a first listen.

Both are pretty much just Martin, all by himself with an acoustic guitar, playing some pretty good folky BritPop. Melody is king, as always; and I like it like that!

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A new album just out from his Cleaners From Venus Project!





Trying to find out if he's selling physical CDs, too.

Either way, a new Martin album is always good news!



Just got an email from Martin:

He is selling physical copies, too. Great news!

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I really liked "Greatest Living Englishman" when it came out. I'll have to look into these. Thanks.


Great album.

If you have not heard his Cleaners From Venus stuff, do yourself a favor and do it!

Golden Cleaners

is the "greatest hits"-type collection, and is well-worth pursuing.

Also, his last proper solo album:

A Summer Tamarind (2006)

is pretty great, too, if not quite up to par with ...Englishman.

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Okay, listening to the new album now, and it is really good. Any fans of Martin's would do well to pick it up. Definitely has that homemade Martin sound, it sounds like the earlier Cleaners' stuff. I am loving this.


Still kicking lots of ass.

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