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I have a Kustom KPM4080 PA that I have been having problems with. It's this one pictured below:




A friend lent it to me so I had something to use for practicing with the boys. However it recently stopped working right, and I'm not the in financial situation (see: college) to be throwing down the cash for a new one. I know it's not a high quality unit, but I'm hoping there's something I can do to fix it. It will power on, but no sound will come through any of the channels. If I unplug it and plug it back in, it will power on and work fine for a few minutes but will then suddenly go mute again. I took it apart and poked around to see if anything was loose or something and hit it with some compressed air, and when I put it back together it was doing fine for about 20 minutes...but then it went quiet again and I had to once again unplug it to get it to make a meager few minutes of sound. I am currently only running one microphone into this. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do to remedy this problem?

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A few possibilities...one is you have a massive ohm mismatch with the speakers you are running, causing the amp to overload/freak out, possible the reverb circuit is going bad and killing the dry signal, muting output...possible a speaker jack/s going bad or shorting, or a bad mic cord (did you swap cords?)...hard to tell without inspecting myself...i think if its none of those things, youll be looking at getting a new one, because what youll likely pay in repair/labor is close to the cost of a new unit of that type...it could be a transformer going bad (which could come from, i dont know, a speaker ohm mismatch) which is the kiss of death


in a solid state device like this one, the likelihood of a cap having deadly loads is not high...that is more common in tube amps with polar filter caps...however not a reason to not be very careful what you touch...


good luck, ask any specifics you like...ive been there



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I feel like it is likely either a problem with the ohms or the reverb...luckily I just found another small powered mixer on craigslist for cheap, so I guess it's time to just bite the bullet and get rid of this thing.

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I have a similar PA, made by Peavey. It died on me, none of the inputs produced sound and I brought it to a shop for repair. Turns out the input jacks just needed to be resoldered. It's apparently a common problem with Peavey and, I assume, other lower end pieces of gear as the inputs don't have shock mounts. It was a $30 repair and it's been working like new ever since. Maybe even better than new.


Your symptoms seem to be a little different than mine were, but you might get lucky. I'd definitely have someone look it over before buying a new one.

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