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before the change to IPB3, yeah

i just haven't had a chance to dig into the IPB3 skinning templates yet unfortunately. not a lack of ability, just time :/


i'll add it to my list though, working on a bunch of sites right now so i'm "in the mood" so to speak

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you can thank Donna for that!!!


nice work :D


You're very welcome, and ack, sorry for the temporary header disapprearance! Seemed to work fine when I went to bed late last night. Thanks for the timely assist, Kyle. :cheekkiss


Happy holidays, everybody! :cheers

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donna, did you notice that this thread was dated 2009? looks like there were no problems with a disappearing header this year. :cheers


I think it has become embarrassingly obvious how frazzled I was trying to put on Christmas this year :blush...no, Evonne, I totally missed that 2009 date and thought, "Well, what the hell??!!" because I was sure it had been fine after I put it up!




Thank you for clarifying that, dear.


Now I should disappear the header just to see if anyone notices. :shifty

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