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Jeff Tweedy at Second City

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Tweedy's set is one of the early ones in an event that lasts 24 hours, so I think some of the people who will eventually be posting pictures of this are still there. :)

It was also requested by Second City, Heather, etc. that Jeff/his songs not be recorded (I interpreted this as photos too, though I think the key issue was video) to preserve the intimacy of the show, respect for people who forked out $500 for a song, etc.


PS. Wrote A Song For Everyone was really great.

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They didn't specifically prohibit photos this year, and every past year photos have been specifically mentioned as okay. Video and audio recordings have always been expressly prohibited. I hope they didn't change their minds this year, at any rate. There was at least one Second City photographer throughout.


Has anyone mentioned that Jeff did a bit of "Single Ladies" with dance moves? Once again, it was great 24 hours. Nice to see everyone again!

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I sheepishly admit that I didnt know it was a CCR cover....it was the best song of the night actually


And the Single Ladies tease was awesome I wish he would have finished it. The dance was priceless.


Great show as usual and thank you to the woman who had enough money to buy Gun so that it was played 5 feet from me.


I also thought it was pretty funny that he commented on opening with Someone Else's Song for the second time in 3 years.

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Wrote A Song For Everyone was without a doubt the highlight. Really blew me away, I wonder if current events might have spurred mister Tweedy's busting this out.

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Wrote A Song For Everyone is one of my favorite CCR songs. Would have loved to have heard that.


Paul Westerberg did a pretty good cover of it on one of his tours a few years back too for what it's worth.

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So what's this about a 4th group mentioned in the comments section of that Chicagoist article?


BabyStew: Actually, they announced on Wednesday that someone had called in and bid $24,000 for a fourth in-home set. So Tweedy's total take is probably about $101,000, which is awesome.


Sadly, though, Tweedy also said this is probably his last year of auctioning off in-home sets. Bummer.


Reply | via chicago:

any reason why he dosent want to do it anymore?


Reply | BabyStew:

I don't think they really specified. It wasn't Jeff who announced it, but one of the Second City people. I just get the sense that he puts a lot of work into the shows (giving up family days around the holidays, practicing 30 songs, etc.) and he doesn't want to do it anymore.


Oh and Jeff actually popped back out to clarify that he'll still do SOMETHING for the charity (I assume he'll continue playing the 24-hour benefit), so he's [not] dropping out completely.



I'm so confused. But happy. And sad. And tired. Still grinning. But Hmmmm, confused about the future.


Besides Jeff's set which has already been discussed here, I have to say John Darnielle just blew me away. He is talented in so many ways - singer/songwriter/musician/guitarist/ pianist/comedian/story-teller - there wasn't a dull moment in his set. He returned for more after a standing ovation and loud cheering brought him back on stage, but this time he went to the piano for another story and a song. He even took a shot at improvising a song on stage in honor of the tremendously skilled improv we had all witnessed throughout the night. Loved TJ, and Tami, so many gifted comedians.


And Bonnie Prince Billy? Amazing. I had never seen him live before, and now I really need to see a much longer set. I was sad to see his set end as I think I missed a few songs when I went off to get 3 hours of sleep nearby. But it was great to see everyone and especially Heather & Russ who helped me bid in the auction and are really the nicest couple ever ... and Morgan, Courtney, Ken, all the S&S group peeps ... :)


One of my favorite mental snapshots from the event was Sooz lying down across a bunch of chairs staying warm under her pink blankie during the early morning hours while watching John Darnielle perform - she had such a happy blissful smile on her face! This event certainly has a way of putting that smile on your face. Such a good time.


It will be interesting to see what happens next year and I seriously would consider attending even without anything JT related. It was that fun. Kudos to Heather Whinna & Second City for another successful event. And she will witness many more smiling faces as she hands out the gifts to needy families in Chicago on Christmas Day.

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