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Spoon - Transference

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I definitely a hear a lot of rawness to this one. Telephono is a criminally overlooked album, and that's not a slick album by any means. As flawless as I think Ga5 is, it's a very crisp, poppy album. Transference isn't. But it's damn good. Before Destruction has some killer lines. Lines like "just as you're leaving you turn around and take a cold shot" are exactly why I love Britt as a lyricist.

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If we're going to compare, this isn't new spoon or old spoon. It's right in the middle, equilibrium.


Trouble Comes Running is going to be and was great live, but now that the studio versions are out they should be able to add a little more oomph to the sound even when Britt uses his pipes more during a live set.


I can describe it as a polished old spoon, never forgetting the garage sound they once carried

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I don't think anyone in the band cares what the newfound GaGaGaGaGa fans think. Sadly, this record's reviews will all point out that it's there "anti-pop record" or their "Kid A" or whatever, but it's not without truth. I love this album so far, but it's not them taking a shot at the big time. However, the songs are great, and it sounds like Spoon. It may not have horn sections and poppy choruses, but it sounds like Spoon. Sounding like Spoon is never bad.


(just saying my husband is a new Spoon fan, who loves Ga (because it's so poppy), but think he might not like this one as much).



I agree, this one fits, I love it more with every listen.

Trouble Comes Running is so great.

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It definitely gets better with each listen, there's a lot of little things that show themselves after more and more listens, it's quite quite complex (the way they mixed the drums is really neat). I'll certainly agree that it's less "poppy" and polished than Ga but 'Trouble' or 'Mystery Zone' (that falsetto thing is killer) wouldn't sound out of place on Ga at all. So I definitely think it's a good mix at what Spoon is really good at.

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There was a nice review of it in the Entertainment Weekly today. They got a better rating than any other records I think, which isn't really saying a lot cos it's EW, but still cool.


I like it way better than "Ga". Some of the vocal mixes kinda spooked me at first listening to it alone with headphones in an empty house.

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7.8 from Pitchfork. A little low?


Giving Transference a 7.8 and Contra an 8.6 is ridiculous.


I love every second of Transference. I'm not crazy about 2 songs on Contra.


10-20 years from now I know which will be rated higher and/or remembered.

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