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"Broken Heart" - Wilco w Feist Beck Record Club

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Can anyone help with the chords to "Broken Heart", lyrics and link posted below.


Ok I "think" I have figured this out. If anyone can improve, please post reply. Thanks


Broken Heart - Skip Spence (Wilco w Feist)


Broken Heart - Skip Spence (Wilco w Feist)


Dm7 = 000231

Cmaj9 = 020010


A [C]broken heart would be lovely

[F]Broken on the [C]ground

A knife stuck in the ribs of me

Would [Dm7]be better be [F]found

[C]Hanging tree blowing gently

A [F]noose would be ig[C]nored

Then to [C]stand [Cmaj9]upon the re[Am]ceiving [G]end

Of the [F]right hand [G]of the [C]Lord


[G]Like a thirsty [D]cowboy

In a [F]lake his tongue does [C]rest

Jumps[G] in and he [D]can not swim

And [F]drowns himself to [C]death

[G]Or a frozen [D]mountaineer

He [F]chugs up to a stop

Catching his [Cmaj9]boot heel [Am]in a [G]rock

[F]Two miles [G]from the [C]top


An Olympic super swimmer

Whose belly does not flop

A super racecar driver

Whose pit it can't be stopped

A honey dripping hipster

Whose bee cannot be bopped

Better to be rolled in oats

Than from the roll be dropped


A broken heart would satisfy

Broken in a mess

A severed eye would gratify

My soul I must confess

I'd rather have no eyes at all

Be blind upon the floor

Then to stand upon the receiving end

Of the right hand of the Lord

Then to stand upon the receiving end

Of the right hand of the Lord

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