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Free Wilco Downloads to Support Haiti!

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I did this too. Good stuff, and makes donating seem like an easy "win-win."



Dear Wilco,


Thank you for your generosity and your continued support and advocacy for humanitarian causes. The shows were an added bonus. I bet each time you released new shows to download, you would see continued donations for both the Haiti relief or other causes important to the band. Just to put that out there!


On a more sobering note, anyone else been to Haiti? I was fortunate to be able to go three times in the 90's before Port-au-Prince became increasingly more dangerous for Americans to travel through. Just got an email from an organzation in Haiti that listed all the personnel, teachers, and sponsor children that have been confirmed killed in the earthquake. Very sad. I had never been able to fully commit to sponsoring a children long-term, but had agreed to pick up children short-term when their sponsor families stopped sending funds.

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Is anyone else still loving these shows as much as I am?



Yes... these shows are awesome, especially the Brooklyn one. It's really cool to listen to one of Wilco's biggest ever headlining shows (I'm not sure if Keyspan Park fits more than UIC Pavilion... it's probably close).

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Hi guys, I'm new on this forum


I made the donation to Oxfam in 2010 and I downloaded the two great shows, but unfortunately I LOST them when my pc crashed a year ago. In order to get them back I have just made a donation today to Doctors Without Borders but I'm not receiving the link to download these recordings and I really miss them. Can anyone of you help me to get them back? I have the recipes of the donations but I really don't know what to do with them.


I've been trying to listen to those terryting shows for a year or so, please, help me.


Thanks in advance

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