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30 second preview of the single 'Suburbs' and the b-side 'Month of May'


Suburbs starts off really honky tonk, but with that organ it makes me feel like it's gonna go into something totally different sounding altogether.


Month fo May is the punkiest thing they've done and sounds pretty awesome


Suburbs sound kinda like pre-Funeral Arcade Fire in a lot of ways. I'm down.


i really really really wish they'd redo "Headlights Look Like Diamonds" in the same fashion they did "No Cars Go".

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Based on 2 songs and 1 minute of music this is going to be good. Wilco had the misfortune to follow them at Sasquatch in 2005 just after they were breaking out.


That sounds unfortunate. It'd be kind of like turning the emotion dial from 11 to -3. Not that Wilco isn't emotional music, but Wilco doesn't exactly ever sound so emotional that the music could just explode in a fit of it. Arcade Fire is like that. Constantly. All the time.


That being said, I'm pretty excited by the new stuff. It's not enough for me to say much, but I like what I hear. Does the "Suburbs" title imply they might revisit the whole "Neighborhood" concept? It would be cool.

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Based on 2 songs and 1 minute of music this is going to be good. Wilco had the misfortune to follow them at Sasquatch in 2005 just after they were breaking out.


Agreed. I was there and Wilco were good, but hearing "Wake Up" at the Gorge was seriously life-changing.

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Beach House and The National.


I would add:


Dr. Dog


Drive-By Truckers

Fang Island

LCD Soundsystem


The Morning Benders


Surfer Blood


And then a whole lot of ones right below those. It's been an excellent year so far.

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Both songs use the phrase "month of may". Could this be a concept album about said month/season?



could be... but i think from what we've seen/read so far, it's definitely a concept album, or at the very least has a VERY strong theme of The Suburbs



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First impression: not impressed. (Where are you U2roolz?) :lol


Granted, it's one listen to substandard quality, so I'll obviously withhold any serious judgment.


Right here. B)


Now I can assume that you are using "those words" because of the particular band that we are talking about. Kind of comparing this song to maybe their past 2 records. I get this. But I choose not to use the past as a measuring stick, no matter how tough it is.


But when you used "those words" to describe the Broken Bells record (I presume) it confused me because I didn't know whether you were holding it up against anything that The Shins have done or just not what you were expecting from those in this new band.


It's a very vague and dismissive way of criticizing something. That's primarily what bugs me about the term and it's sudden newfound ubiquitous usage in our every day vocabulary. Do people really need to use "those words" when describing cheese?


Also, it surprises me that "those words" have seemingly usurped "I don't like it". I personally think "those words" are a lot more harmful to anyone than saying that "they didn't like it". I'd rather tell a friend who creates something that "I didn't like it" because I will feel compelled to explain why in constructive criticism. It sometimes sounds in my head like someone is surprised that a human being can create something beautiful, so they use "those words" as if we are all chimps.


I'll probably write an essay on the topic. But these are just my starting points. And frequent usage of "those words" by individuals to me suggests that they want to project this image that they have such high standards that maybe Leonardo DaVinci or Mozart can quench them. It only projects to me that these people hate everything and are miserable because there are a lot of people that I've come across that won't say that they like something. Never ever.


At least by using "I didn't like it" you can tag on "because the lyrics/guitars etc. weren't that great". Also, if someone says that "they didn't like it" someone usually asks them why. If someone uses "those words" they rarely ask them why.


(obviously, not an attack on bleedorange just opening up a dialog here. It's a much better and more convincing rant in person. I talked to my best friend about it and he agrees with me after I spoke to him.)

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