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Wilco - Hamilton, ON - 02/23/2010

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Amazing show,Here's the complete setlist,


Wilco the Song

Bull Black Nova

I am Trying to Break your Heart

One Wing

You Are My Face

Company in my Back

Shot in the Arm

What's the World Got in Store

Deeper Down

Impossible Germany

When the Roses Bloom Again ( my personal favorite of the night)

Handshake Drugs

You Never Know

Jesus Etc

Poor Places





Broken Arrow

Via Chicago

California Stars

Box Full of Letters

Hate It Here

The Late Greats


I'm the Man who Loves You


Incredible sound, Jeff was in a great mood, they played for exactly 2 1/4 hours

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The sound was extraordinary!

I totally agree with When the Roses Bloom Again, and the transition from, (& performances of), Poor Places

into Reservations as being among the highlights.

The crowd was ok, but of the 4 shows I've seen in the last few months, "The Hammer", was the quietest.

I wish I could attend the Montreal show, my hometown, as they're a rowdy, appreciative bunch!

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really great show last night. the setlist (minus awesome staples like Impossible Germany, IATTBYH, You Are My Face etc) was totally different than Massey Hall in October. This show had more twang to it than any of the other 4 shows I'd seen before, which I was really happy about. Although my head still kinda hurts from being so close to the front stacks (I was right in front of Nels). advil this morning...


First time in Hamilton too - an interesting town. Hit up a great record store (Cheapies) and some cool pubs


overall a great day and night!

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I would like to know if the Maneki Neko has been on stage for the past couple of shows. You know, details that matter.

It was on stage in East Lansing. I pointed it out to my girlfriend. We were about 12 rows from the front and she said "what the hell is that? a Hello Kitty or something?" I had to Google Maneki Neko to see what you were talking about...... but yes, it's been around.

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As much as the hub and I loved the Victoria show, we agreed that last night's show in the Hammer was, incredibly, even better. Great sound and outstanding setlist. "Poor Places", "Reservations" and "Box Full of Letters" were highlights. Loved it when one of the white stage lights hit John from the side and back casting a huge shadow of him and his bass on the left wall of the theatre. Jeff must have been feeling warm and fuzzy during the "Jesus, Etc." singalong as he momentarily assumed the fetal position at the front of the stage before getting up to join us for the last part! The "Hummingbird" mic twirl was a bit ambitious as it got away from Jeff and hit the stage with a thud. When the guys came back to begin the encore, he explained that he had meant to do that.

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