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Instructions on Submitting Your Finished Songs

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How to Submit Your Songs:


You will be sending your submissions to Donna (kidsmoke) and the mastering process will be done, as in the past, by Masterful Mart (Twisted Acres), who will of course create a superior finished product. Here are the submission guidelines:


From Donna: Ideally, the format I'd like to receive from you would be an AIFF, WAV, or FLAC file on audio cd or cd-rom or uploaded to: http://www.thevctributes.com/?p=upload. A super-high resolution MP3 (256 kbps or greater) would also be acceptable provided it is first generation (not a copy). If all you have is a cassette tape, I'll be glad to convert the tape over to the digital realm, but please remember that any cassette submissions are not going to sound as good. We'll try to eliminate excess hiss on cassette submissions.*


We won't be able to work from any formats not mentioned, but if you have questions feel free to send me a pm.


From Mart: The mastering process is only really going to involve making sure that the tracks are consistent volume-wise. I'm not going to do any nutty crossfading or anything of that ilk. We'll come away with a nice-and-consistent-sounding disc to share and for The Boys to incessantly play in their tour bus.


Donna (kidsmoke) again: When it comes time for distribution, we will most likely provide a downloadable version, as well as cover art and liner notes. It may also be distributed through a tree if people want to do that, and I'll provide a master to anyone who volunteers to be a root for that tree.


We look forward to being dazzled by your submissions!


*From kidsmoke: If you're going to mail a disc/tape to me, please pm me and I'll send you my address. Feel free to pm me with any questions as well. Looking forward to receiving the tracks!

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