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Tribute Participation Guidelines

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First, we admins have discussed which songs would be appropriate for inclusion, and have decided that a WILCO tribute should consist of WILCO songs. Other songs, from various other groups & performances Jeff Tweedy has been associated with, will be used in the creation of a separate "Tweedy Tribute" in the future.

As with our previous two Tributes, we will be sharing the magic of your musical creations with the members of Via Chicago. All the members of Wilco will receive copies as well, handsomely outfitted with cover art and liner notes. It will be a thing of beauty! :thumbup


Our Timeline: We will be accepting submissions for this Wilco Tribute #3 up to and until June 30th, 2010, or until we have received enough songs to fill a cd, on a first come, first served basis. Songs received beyond this deadline, or after we have a full cd's worth of songs, can be considered to be the beginning of a new Wilco Tribute cd, which would be Wilco Tribute #4. (We'll get to that when we get to it.)


The guidelines for these tributes are as follows:



-Must be either Wilco songs, or songs which Wilco routinely performs, such as some Uncle Tupelo songs. ("New Madrid" and "We've Been Had" would be acceptable examples.)

-Must not be other peoples' songs which Wilco has covered.



-Must be songs written and sung by Jeff Tweedy. May be from previous bands (such as Uncle Tupelo), side project bands (such as Golden Smog or Loose Fur), or solo performances.

-Must not be other peoples' songs which Jeff Tweedy has covered.


ADDITIONALLY, the following guidelines apply to submissions for either a Wilco or a Tweedy tribute:


-Songs performed on previous tributes may not be done, except where they are being performed in a style very different from the original submission. Such a song submission should be cleared with the Tribute organizers in advance of submission. (For example, if a song was originally done as a solo performer with an acoustic guitar on one Tribute, and someone else wished to do the same song on a later Tribute, but as a full-electric-band number, this might be allowed. Ask if you are uncertain. :) )

A full list of the songs which were done on Tributes 1 and 2 follows these guidelines.


-Only ONE song submission will be allowed per performer, per Tribute. This is to allow as many people as possible to participate.


-Lastly, submissions for a particular volume of the Tributes will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Once enough song submissions have been received to fill a volume, that volume will be CLOSED and will proceed to the mastering stage.

Submissions received beyond the time of closing a volume will be designated as part of the next volume.


This is to help preserve the sanity of the Tribute organizers. :yes :stunned


BE SURE to also read through the Submission Guidelines, found here: Tribute Submission Guidelines





Here are the songs which were done on Tributes One and Two.


Tribute 1


Should've Been In Love

How To Fight Loneliness

Box Full Of Letters

Laminated Cat

Student Loan Stereo

One By One

Blood Of The Lamb

Via Chicago

I Must Be High

I'm Always In Love

Someone Else's Song

Please Tell My Brother

Far Far Away

Passenger Side

Red-Eyed And Blue

I Got You

When You Wake Up Feeling Old

California Stars

Jesus Etc.

That's Not The Issue

Poor Places



Tribute 2


Cars Can't Escape

Forget The Flowers

I Am Not Willing

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

I'm The Man Who Loves You


Pick Up The Change

Pot Kettle Black


Say You Miss Me

The Town That Lost Its Groove Supply

(Was I) In Your Dreams

What's The World Got In Store

When The Roses Bloom Again

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