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so where does it go from here? With the Gus dead and the Cartel gone do Walt and Jesse go back to cooking meth in an RV? Is it all gonna be Hank finding out Walt is a meth cook? I am not sure if there is much of a story to tell.


Though here are some unanswered questions

1) Did Walt really poison Brock?

2) What were the results of Walt's last cancer scan?

3) Will Jesse find out about the OD of his girlfriend?

4) Who exactly was Gus in Chile?

5) Is the IRS issues solved with the dude who took a header into the wall? Will that come back to Skye in anyway?

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All excellent questions...but I think that the question of whether Walt poisoned Brock was answered in the "Behind the Scenes" video on AMC's website. Walt did it...which also explains his extreme reaction when Jesse tells him that Brock will survive ("Thank God!"). I don't think he actually wanted the kid dead, just wanted Jesse to think Gus was responsible.


They have 16 episodes to go, so there are many different directions they can go..including Hank and company pursuing the Gus/Hector lead, Mike returning from Mexico...all kinds of stuff. One great thing: they never satisfy the viewer's expectations, but the plot twists do not seem far-fetched.


Brilliant show, and I will miss it in the interim.

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First of all, I heard AMC is considering breaking up the final season's extended 16-episode run with two 8-episode mini-seasons broadcast over summer 2012 & winter 2013. If that's the case, expect a mid season mini-cliffhanger (like Hank connecting the dots on Walt, or Jesse learning that Walt was behind Jane's death and/or Brock's poisoning, or someone coming after Walt for taking out Gus).


I agree that Hank delving into Gus' empire will be a huge part of next season. I think it's inevitable that he finds out the truth about Walt at some point -- only question is what Walt does when he gets discovered? Is he above killing his BIL to save his family?


The other wrinkle is Walt's health -- they seemed to allude to him getting sick again (lots of coughing in the last few episodes). Perhaps his cancer will attack him at the same time Hank closes in on him -- will Hank expose his BIL on his deathbed?


Gilligan also has said that Gus might return next season like Gale did this season... via flashbacks to his past. I'm hoping for this, because the mystique of who he was in Chile is too great to pass up. What/whoever he was, it was a big enough deal for the Cartel to know he was untouchable -- which means that bigtime heat should be coming down on Walt soon enough.


Whatever it is, I just know I can't wait.

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Everything you've all posted above, agree. My head spinning since the last 3 episodes have aired. They were just incredible. I'm with you all, can't wait for the next season.


But ... how did Walt get the baby to eat the poisoned cigarette? Did I miss something?


I had no idea lily of the valley had a poisonous component.

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Walt seems to always get off when things are 'breaking bad' by some random event. I can see Walt dying of cancer and at the moment of his death, Hank, Jesse etc. figure everything out. As for the arc of next season, it will be Hank pulling things together and I bet Jesse and Walt get pulled into some Mexican thing as there is a vacuum of leadership on both sides of the border. Don't forget the other dude...who we last saw at the hospital. Can't remember his name.


The thing that is so amazing about this show is how it does outrageous things with out being outrageous. Example, Gus's death scene.

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I hope for the return of skinny Pete and Badger. Those guys are awesome.


I think a cool way to start next season would be to show Walt dying in a hospital, before every episode (like they did with the teddy bear in the pool and the airplane crash) and as the season went on it is reviled that it is a prison hospital, and the season would be a flash back on how he got there.

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Wow, just finished season 4 last night. Have been on a binge for the last month or so watching the entire series. I was going to ask if there is a plan to do a season 5 but reading through this thread has answered that question. Everything wrapped up so tidy that it almost seemed like that was going to be it. It's hard for me to imagine where they could go with this from here but I can't imagine Hank is going to keep falling for the "gambling winnings" lie as he just seems too smart. And there is still the Mike character to deal with. Not to mention Gus' entire network. The writing has been so creative to this point I'm sure there will be some nice surprises. I have not been this into a show since The Wire.

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