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Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame

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Dr. Dog Changes Drummers


You may have heard — or even noticed if you’ve seen them live recently, perhaps at their “secret” show at Johnny Brenda’s last month — that Dr. Dog has a new drummer. Here’s the official word about Juston Stens’ departure and Eric Slick’s arrival straight from the Dog’s mouth, via their MySpace:


Hey Now Everybody,


We’d like to take a moment to let you know about a pretty major change in the Dr Dog world. After 5 years of working and playing together we’re saying farewell to our long time friend and drummer Juston Stens. Juston is moving on to pursue his own musical journey. He’s in the middle of making his first proper full length album right now. For more details you can follow his progress here:




Juston has been traveling all over the United States, stopping at some of his favorite studios to lay down tracks with some of his favorite people and the results have been pretty awesome. We’ll likely give you updates from time to time as the Juston Stens album is closer to completion and a tour is announced. We’re all rooting for Juston and can’t wait to hear what this album sounds like.


Filling Stens’ throne is Teach who we welcome with open arms. Teach ((aka Eric Slick) (we swear that’s his real name)) is monster dressed as a human and we’re convinced he will at some point he will burst from his skin and eat one of us whole. We can only hope you’re there to see it.




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is their label doing any kind of deals if you buy through them?


when i bought Fate i got a bunch of extras, t-shirt, stickers, poster, etc.


They haven't listed anything, yet. But I'm assuming there will be extras. I got the new Tom Waits live album from ANTI back in November and there were T-shirt and booklet bundles… I bet they’ll do the same thing Dr. Dog! :thumbup

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I've been refreshing the Stereogum site almost obsessively all morning... Can't wait to hear the new tune. :dribble


I've heard "Shadow People" and it is such a great song!!


I've been searching for a leak... obsessively! Can't believe one hasn't shown up anywhere, yet.



If anyone is interested, I copied down the lyrics to the new song! (Also have lyrics for "Where'd All The Time Go," "Jackie Wants a Black Eye" and "Mirror, Mirror.")


“Shadow People”


The rain is fallin’

It’s after dark

The streets are swimmin’ with the sharks


It’s the right night

For the wrong company

And there ain’t nothin’ ‘round here to look at

Move along

Move along


The neon lights on Baltimore

Every shadows getting famous

In some backyard

In some plastic chair

Hoping these cigarettes with save us

Here we go again

Here we go again


You got rings in your ears

And you got kicked around and made up

Lookin’ high Lookin’ low

Were did all the shadow people go

Were did all the shadow people go

I wanna know

Where’d the shadow people go


I stole a bike from the second mile

Saw a band play in the basement

I crossed the path of a friend of mine

And I knew what the look upon her face meant

Something’s gone

From her eye

Something’s gone



You can be a woman

Or you can be a man

Wear the glove on the other hand

Or you can be twisted

Or you can be insane

Pushing the envelope against the grain

Or Just playin’ along

Or Just playin’ along


And I got something on my mind

And I got voices on the other line

Saying hi saying hello

Were did all the shadow people go

Were did all the shadow people go

I wanna know

Where’d the shadow people go

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I've heard "Shadow People" and it is such a great song!!


I've been searching for a leak... obsessively! Can't believe one hasn't shown up anywhere, yet.





Yeah, Stereogum is waiting until the end of the day to post it so they can get all of the traffic.. It's great to see Dr. Dog getting that much hype.

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From their latest mailing list email:


As you're hopefully aware the first track made available from Shame, Shame is called "Shadow People" and you can hear it now on our MySpace page. Check it here. Shame, Shame won't be out for a little bit (April 6th) but we'll probably get the go ahead to let another track loose in the next few weeks.



Woo hoo! :dancing

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Additional album info from the ANTI Records store:




Stranger 3:43

Shadow People 4:13

Station 3:11

Unbearable Why 3:11

Where’d All the Time Go? 3:52

Later 3:07

I Only Wear Blue 3:42

Someday 3:21

Mirror, Mirror 2:48

Jackie Wants a Black Eye 3:03

Shame, Shame 5:14




It (deluxe) – 3:51

What A Strange Day (deluxe) – 3:02

Oh Man (deluxe) – 3:51



This Bundle Includes


*Dr. Dog’s new album ‘Shame, Shame’ and digital download.


*Dr. Dog’s No Problem Skeleton Shirt. This art is featured on the inside of the Shame Shame layout. Printed on an American Apparel athletic gray tribled, this is a watercolor based ink-so while the shirt is oversized print, it is soft to the touch.


Dr. Dog will release their Anti- Records debut, Shame, Shame. As a band that has traditionally built their spirited albums layer by layer in the undisturbed seclusion of their Philadelphia home studio, Dr. Dog realized that they would need to face the challenge of working in a professional studio and enlist the help of an outside producer (Rob Schnapf) if they were to continue their album-by-album evolutionary growth. The end result is the band’s most openly autobiographical release to date and peels back the layers of strings and horns of past albums to emphasize the raw immediacy of a tight unit honing their craft.




This release has an in-store date of April 6, 2010. Your item will ship on or before the release date. Any other items you order with this item will be held and shipped together – so if you want the rest of your order to ship sooner, please place separate orders.

This item comes with a digital download of the album in a variety of file types from Lossless files to AAC or Mp3!

Your digital download code will be available by the street date and will be sent to you via email. Make sure to add the address [support@kingsroadmerch.com] to your safe list so our emails don’t go to your spam folders.

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Some Dr. Dog News!














As the release of their new album, SHAME, SHAME approaches, Dr. Dog is thrilled to announce several upcoming performances and events in support of their April 6th release. After the overwhelming response to Stereogum’s premiere of first track SHADOW PEOPLE, Dr. Dog is excited to present STRANGER (the second released song from SHAME, SHAME) March 9th on RollingStone.com. On April 6th, Dr. Dog will return to 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' and will make their 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' debut April 28th.


Already praised for “continuing the upward rise-and higher education-of Dr. Dog," SHAME SHAME has been hailed by Filter Magazine for its “addictive pop-rock singles” that “points back to the days of 2005's Easy Beat, when the band's highly-prized live sound was captured.”


Over the last few years, Dr. Dog has gone on to catch the attention of many. From the praise in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, NPR, People Magazine and more, to the adoration from artists like Jack White, Beck, Jeff Tweedy, Kanye West and Lou Reed, and to selling out 1500 capacity venues in major markets worldwide, what started in the basement of a farm house in Pennsylvania with a 4 track has developed into an inventive, magnificently realized, and absolutely irresistible band who shows no sign of slowing down.

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Some Dr. Dog News!





Thanks for posting these updates RainDogToo. I never get the Dr. Dog emails, even though I've joined their mailing list 3 times. Keep em coming. :)


And I can't wait to hear the new single today. :dancing

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