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Country Disappeared - intimate performance

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Pretty sure it was from Washington or somewhere over there in the Northwest. Judging by the fact that Jeff's wearing his boggin, and Pat still has a beard.


This is so lovely. Thank you!


The link to La Blogotheque says about this video:

"Sometimes we tell ourselves that no, the band is too famous, too important, that their label would never let them do a Take Away Show. We have a fantasy list: Radiohead, Tom Waits, Chuck Berry, Cat Power. Wilco. They announced their date at Olympia in Montreal just after I had touched down in the city. Wilco, the band whose tours never stop in Paris. I bought a ticket right away; a good idea, as the concert sold out in weeks. And then I asked around. What if we tried to film them? The answer was unanimous and enthusiastic. I sent out an email, without really believing it would come to anything. The next morning, their publicist called.


Working with [Derrick->http://www.astorytoldwell.com, we knew that we would have less than an hour, but we didn’t know if all of the members of the group would play; we were told that it would depend on where we filmed. They wouldn’t have the time to wander through the streets; it rained that day anyway. But they were prepared for us, had placed all their instruments and some amps in the back of the hall, set up some red lamps to create some ambiance. And above all, we got the entire six. I can’t help but feel a little silly in moments like that, camera zoom in hand and a smile from ear to ear. But I can’t help myself, when there is magic happening I feel like a kid. Tweedy’s voice without amplification, Cline’s attitude — who has to be one of the most elegant guitarists on the planet —, Kotche, visibly moved...


It’s decided, tomorrow I’m calling Thom Yorke – you never know."


(I like how they ended the write up with the title of another song from W(TA).)

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If you get to the very end of the video, it says that it was recorded at the Olympia in Montreal. So, before/around soundcheck for this show.


But that was a great video. I think I know what record I'm putting on tonight... :music

thanks. i watched the whole thing, but i couldn't remember that montreal was the city. for some reason i was thinking seattle.

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This performance renewed my love for this song.


Also, I was actually at this show at The Olympia and I don't remember Jeff and Glenn with beards during their show. They must have shaved their beards after taping the Take Away Show. Very important details, I know...


Anyway, great song, great Take Away Show. Too bad they didn't do more than one song!

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God, i love Vincent Moon. His take away shows are all fantastic, this one especially. They might not have done anything radically different or stripped down, but just seeing Wilco perform in that setting, with Jeff and Pat singing without microphones, theres something magical about it. And a good song choice too. I hope they recorded some others that'll get put up eventually. FYI, check out Phoenix's take away show, or Beirut's take away show. Those are my other two favorites.

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I caught this on a blog I frequently visit the other day, a really really great rendition of one of the strongest tracks on WTA. Does anyone know if there are any other sessions like this and the black cab sessions. It's really a little gift to get through the day with if you can find an intimate performance of some of your favorite bands.

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Guest Don Draper

I don't really care or the song, but this is a good performance of it.


Has anyone else noticed that this song is preceded by the one about "you're acting like children, every generation thinks it's the end of the world"?

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