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My dad just got this through his friend. He won't say where this came from, so I'm not sure if there's FLAC files out there. I know that there's some early 70s Elton fans on here. I know that there's a handful of well circulated boots from this era. Most notably the 73 & 74 Xmas shows from London and the 71 Tokyo show. Here comes another one. This show is heavy with stuff from the recently released Honky Chateu.


Anyways, this show is from October 20, 1972 at Seattle Center Coliseum.


Elton plays 3 "new" songs from Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Piano Player. It would be released 3 months later in late January of 73.


Seattle download




Tiny Dancer

Daniel (new :yes )

band introduction

Susie (Dramas) :thumbup (very rare to hear this live)

Your Song

Rocket Man

I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself

Can I Put You On? (another rarity)

Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters

Singing In The Rain ( :stunned )

Have Mercy On The Criminal (new)

Crocodile Rock (new)

Madman Across The Water

Take Me To The Pilot

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On


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Thanks...DL'ing now. If you're interested in any other E.John i have the following:

10/1/71 (SBD)

12/22/73 (SBD)

5/07/77 (SBD)

"Bottled and Brained" - The Rock of the Westies Demos

Dick James Demos Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

The Madman Demos

"Tumbleweed Connection" Demos

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I figured that I would resurrect this thread, since tonight is the kickoff to the 3 year farewell tour. If you're going to one of these shows, which songs would you like to hear? The hits or album cuts that haven't been performed? Or are you "been there done that?"


I just saw him 5 years ago in Boston and got the typical hits with 2 new songs from his then new album and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road's Your Sister Can't Twist, But She Can Rock N Roll which rocked. Excellent show, btw.


I'm sort of on the fence for going to this tour. The ticket prices & a seemingly greatest hits show would feel an awful lot like the show from 5 years ago. I'll make up my mind after I take a look at the setlists.


I found a Rolling Stone article today with Davey Johnstone who said that there should be 2 songs that are rare and a special stage show with new visuals. 2 songs are a good start, I guess.


Anywho, I'd love to hear any 2 from the list below:

Blues For My Baby & Me

High Flying Bird

Teacher I Need You


My Father's Gun

We All Fall In Love Sometimes



But it'll probably be Are You Ready For Love? & Hercules which would be good, but predictable.

Enjoy the shows!

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There's a part of me that would love to see this farewell tour, but it's not going to happen. I'm lucky in that I saw Elton several times in the past few years, so I'm a bit in the "been there, done that" category. The other aspect of it is that the local arena show sold out quickly, and now the only tickets available are those being resold on Ticketmaster, and they start at $340. I love Elton, but that's not doable...plus I saw him about four years ago and paid like $100 for a 4th row seat.


And, right on time, here's the set list and review. Looks like Indian Sunset is the real rarity. Deeper cuts Burn Down the Mission, Border Song and Take Me to the Pilot are the other somewhat-surprises.



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So I decided to skip out on Elton John this past Saturday in Boston because the Red Sox/Yankees game was on, but I have 2 more chances. 

I'm kind of stunned that he added a 3rd show in Boston for November 2019. There were plenty of seats on TM (resale of course) & StubHub for this past Saturday and next month's show.  


I'm a bit content. I was looking at the setlist for the last show that I saw in 2013 and he did Holiday Inn, Grey Seal, All The Girls Love Alice, and Your Sister Can't Twist But She Can Rock N Roll amongst his hits. His current setlist hasn't changed at all for multiple shows in the same venue. 


Border Song is a great song & makes sense to do in today's climate. I've seen him do it during his solo shows. Indian Sunset is just stunning live and it's with Ray Cooper too. I didn't realize that he was bringing out Ray Cooper on this last go round. But that's another deep cut that he's been doing recently on his Million Dollar Piano show in Las Vegas. Take Me To The Pilot I've heard countless times. Burn Down The Mission I've also seen. It's been awhile on that one though. 


I also would love some more from Honky Chateau & Madman, but I don't think the show will change at all next year. That being said, I have looked at YouTube clips and his stage show looks really cool. 

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i'm at the point where i refuse to buy tickets a year in advance of a show. would love to see him but i saw million dollar piano in vegas & i'm good with leaving it at that. elton was my first rock show in 197cough cough.

Oh, hell, if you saw EJ in his prime, that would be the best. I never even got to catch him until the Elton/Billy tour in 2002. I have seen Elton several times since then, and every show was great, but his voice is pretty shot compared to his younger years (whereas Sir Paul still sounds relatively amazing).


If I hadn't caught Elton four or five more times between 2002-2014, I'd feel I have to see him...but like yourself, I'm good.

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Sorry for the delay. I wrote a review after the movie from the parking lot and it got lost in the ether. Decided to grab a bite instead of writing it all over again.


I loved it! I saw it in the Dolby Digital cinema which made all of the concert scenes and musical numbers really jump out even more. Taron Egerton has a great voice and did a fantastic job as Elton. There were a few times where he looked just like him. Having him actually sing Elton’s songs was a brilliant choice that really pays off.


As I’m sure most have read by now, the film comes off like a throwback to the MGM musicals of yesteryear. Elton’s songs are used to tell the story. Characters break out into song and it worked for me. And we should not forget that Bernie Taupin wrote all of the words.


I’m more forgiving of the chronology on this one because it’s set up like a musical fantasy. Plus, Elton is telling his story while at rehab, so memory can be a bit iffy. And yeah, some things are made up for the film like how he left a show at MSG to enter rehab.


John Reid, Elton & Queen’s manager, should be feeling like shit after two nasty portraits of him in less than a year.


The film has more in common with Across The Universe than Bohemian Rhapsody. The camera is alive and the set pieces are full of imagination. Lots of inspired musical sequences. Rocketman being my favorite.


It sorta plays like a Broadway adaptation, so I’m guessing that’ll happen next at some point.


Central to the film is the concept of seeking out help. I hope that this aspect really hits home for those in need. It also has elements of disapproving parents trying to prevent a young Reginald Dwight from coming into his destiny. And I hope that that aspect pushes creative people into the right direction.

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