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Wilco Brisbane 30/4/10

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Just hot back, feet killing me but awesome show! I had a list of songs I wanted to hear this tour (I'm doing all five shows) and they picked most of them off tonight.



Price is right intro

Wilco the song

bull black nova

I am your face

I am trying to break your heart

one wing

shot in the arm

muzzle of bees


I'll fight

handshake drugs

deeper down

impossible Germany

don't forget the flowers

California stars

poor places




you never know

heavy metal drummer



red eyed/ I got you

I'm the man who loves you


hate it here


I'm a wheel


Jeff not very chatty but that's probably because everytime he tried the crowd would just yell out stuff he couldn't understand. We did "respectable" on Jesus etc. No swinging mike after hitting John the other night. Hummingbird dance very cute. Highlights for me were I got you (I love that song, I sing it to my baby niece minus the crazy dancing. I also loved kingpin, which I had requested on wilcoworld. Flowers also another highlight.


Apparently in Auckland they did three cheers for wilco and that carried over to tonight with us giving matrix the guitar tech some for having the band over for a BBQ last night. Some guy yelled out "how was Tokyo... I missed you". Jeff then said hello in Japanese before launching into the next song, which I had to have explained to me by my Japanese speaking cousin. They were "wilco virgins" and had a great time. I also have a fellow vcer friend dancing around the hotel room in her jammies to hoodo voodo... Was 27 songs not enough for her???


Oh and there were 32 nothings!!!

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he sure did, he brought back the arghts that were famous back in 07,

anyway was an awesome set i was very pleased with it loved forget the flowers one of the highlights in my opinion, is it just me or it is more of a nels cline show these days, not complaininging but yeah... im glad they didnt play too many of the new album to be honest they arnt very enterainting live bar bull black nova..

anyway it was awesome up there with the best wilco ive seeen even the best...


red eyed i got you was my highlight

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How was Liam? EJ was with him, I assume. New songs?


No EJ! I'm a big Liam fan, have seen him many time and I didn't realise how much EJ added till she wasn't there. He was still good but he only did electric guitar, no drums which I really missed during Second chance. He was wearing the most unfortunate pair of pants... I mean they were really tight in certain places. I would rather not know which side he dresses to, but it's now seared into my brain. Still laughing at the guy behind me who said "if I had a daughter she could totally have sex with Liam Finn". Odd odd crowd.

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WILCO.....sounds like a great set list!

2 nights in Sydney to go. THink we might get the stripped back set , lamps and all at The Factory. I am guessing...but hoping.

6th row tonight and The Factory...who cares where you are...it's a damn bar!


Via Chicago....please, at least once.

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