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Got a hold of Lucero's new album Women & Work today. If you loved 1372 Overton Park, you'll adore this one -- it's like 1372 on steroids. Heavy dose of horns on every damn song, ragtime piano, heavy guitars & even a backing gospel choir on the last track. Ben's voice sounds the best it's been in years - heard he quit smoking a couple months before going into the studio. It's just all around full of awesomeness.


... and if don't like them diving deep into their Memphis roots, you'll pretty much hate this thing. Go listen to TMFW again. ;)


(and yes, I pre-ordered the album so I don't feel guilty about getting a leaked copy! :))

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These guys popped up on my spotify radio.  I think the song was "The Only One" from the album "That Much Further West".  I thought to myself "finally there's a band that combines early era indie-rock like Sunny Day Real Estate with alt-country".  


And then it wore off quick.. I heard some of their other tunes.. I think the vocals do hurt them a lot, and it's not because of the smoke stained voice.. He sounds like he's trying too hard..  Like he's straining to achieve the rustic country twang accent.. Good band, but unfortunately the vocals do ruin them for me.  

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I agree with ya, lamrod, about his voice.  But they are fun to go see live, particularly if most of the crowd is drinking.  It can get racous.  As for their studio stuff, I like Women and Work because it has the horns and the pedal steel more prominent than earlier stuff.

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