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Old Neil never gives up - that's for sure.  I didn't figure his new streaming deal would be free forever. Even though the messages he was posting or maybe various articles about the messages seem to suggest it would be free all the time. 


He is also having a big auction of cars, clothing, guitars, etc. 

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I think that is right. I guess that is what people want now. I am not really interested in streaming. 

Not a Neil Young specific comment, but I am not interested in streaming either. It's frustrating that I can stream most every album ever for free, with ads, or for the price of one downloaded album a month, without ads. But to own a digital copy of a new album costs me $10 or more. I have neglected to buy downloads of several releases because, compared to streaming, it's highway robbery.

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I am into the whole process of pulling whatever I want to play off the shelf and going from there. I do apparently have hundreds of songs on Amazon from cds I have bought. 


I hope this venture works out for him. I am guessing he must be in the hole from the failure of Pono. 

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I can't help but roll my eyes at those opening lyrics. Yeah Neil, you have way more freedom in Trump's America than you would in Canada.  :rolleyes

Oh well, at least it's better than Children of Destiny. Looking forward to the livestream tonight. Hopefully him doing a solo concert in Ontario is a hint towards a solo Canadian tour in 2018. 

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I figured it would be a week:



Between now and June 30, you’ll have free access to the entire Neil Young Archives with unlimited streaming. So have at it! (And don’t worry; once your trial is up, you’ll be able to sign up for a subscription at a very modest cost.)

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