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I know that these guys are supposed to be pretty amazing, and influential, but the only album of theirs that I've heard:



I didn't really care for.

Didn't bother digging any further, but for some reason I was thinking about them today. (Did one of you mention them recently?)

Where should I go for a good representation of their good stuff. Or, if I didn't like The Herd, will I just not like 'em?

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that's not the place to start...that would be like wondering about the Velvet Underground and listening to _Squeeze_.


well, maybe not *that* extreme, but you really can't go wrong w/ stuff from the debut up through at least _Land of the Lost_, and one can make a pretty strong argument that good songs exist on _Follow Blind_ and _The Circle_ (not to mention Sage's two solo records, _Straight Ahead_ and _Sacrifice (For Love)_.


the 1st three are the most hallowed, however.

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