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I wouldn't even know where to begin.


At what point in the writing process do you reach for your guitar?


Harris I don’t really have any one particular method. But I always have a guitar to inspire me, and the open tunings had a lot to do with this record. Daniel Lanois showed me an open-A tuning that is present a lot on

Red Dirt Girl: A A A E A A.

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One crazy tuning that is a lot of fun is the CSNY: E E E E B E


Rock Suite Judy Blue Eyes or Carry On with that one.


You know, why not just tune that B string to E? I realize it's the 5th of E and would probably break if you did that but it screws up my Mojo.

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i like CACGCE. learn a couple of led zep songs, and then have your own fun with it!



Is that the pesky "Rain Song" tuning? I remember learning rain song years ago and playing all day long, now I have forgotten it. What other zep songs use that tuning?

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I love this song.The guitar sounds like heaven, but i cannot figure out the tuning.





I almost wonder if that is Nashville tuning or something, like "Hey you" by Pink Floyd.


Nashville or high strung tuning refers to the practice of replacing the wound E, A, D and G strings on a six-string guitar with lighter gauge strings to allow tuning an octave higher than standard. This is usually achieved by using one string from each of the six courses of a twelve string set, using the higher string for those courses tuned in octaves.

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How do i tune to F# B D F# B D? Without having to tune my E all the up to F#. I'm sure what i would tune down to to then capo up to get that tuning. Thanks so much for any help! I really appreciate it.

Well you could get a capo that allows you to select which strings are capoed:




Or tune down a whole step and capo at the 2nd fret.

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