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Wisco: A Tribute To Wilco’s Summerteeth

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I'm very proud to call Wisconsin home. We have so many great bands here. I rounded up a bunch of my favorites to cover Wilco's Summerteeth in full. I hope you enjoy it. It's a free download. If you can, please make a donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society or any cause you feel is deserving as support of this compilation.







Wisco A Tribute To Wilco's Summerteeth.jpg

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Conrad, that is the same edward burch, Jay Bennett produced one of Chris Demay's albums a few years ago. Good stuff, Chris's band, West of Rome, was a damn good band, he is now a member of Juniper Tar, an equally good band. Search them on Aimee Street or itunes, both of their releases are worth getting.


Ryan, I've been waiting for this for a while now as I got to act as ears for Allen and Margaret's tune after they cut it and before you got it.

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Really cool for a project. Decibully did a bang up job on theirs. I thought Pieholden Suite was stripped of all it's dynamics and emotions though... that's my favorite and I was excited to hear a shot at it.

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What a great idea. The concept was one of those I can't believe I didn't think of this moments, like when in the movie Kingpin I was introduced to the The Jefferson's On Ice. It is a great album, sort of obscure outside of Wilco circles, covered by bands that are obsucre outside of Wisconsin music scene circles. Couldn't find She's a Jar, the one I really wanted to hear, but made a donation anyway. I have a pursuit now, some Wisco, hopefully some dogs, cats, and whatever else the Humane Society helps have a little more money, and my daughters and I feel good because we did something nice. Thanks for the post.

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