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2010-2011 NFL Season

Guest you smell like shit

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btw, i hope cromartie's playoff bonus can help w/ some of the child support woes he's had...he's certainly trying to become a founding father of our country.


More typical looser Patsy passionless shit talking! Get us next year and enjoy Sunday Tinnitus! :cheekkiss


Tommy boy better lock up Gisele next time Cro comes to town. Maybe she can spawn a real football player with the right seed.

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Jay Cutler is the new Jeff George. Cannon Arm, Peashooter brain.

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The rumor is that Cutler sustained a torn MCL in the second quarter, then tried to play on it in the third quarter but couldn't.


If true, there's a whole bunch of asshole football players who've already provided bulletin board material for next season.


Twitter kills.


Also, some so-called fans whose season tickets ought to be revoked (if they have them).


Cutler's not a personable guy, but I have no doubt that he works hard and plays to the best of his ability. Chicago fans should be kissing his ass for getting their Bears to the NFC Championship game.

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But I loved every minute of watching the Jets get thumped.

Me too!


Didn't you just love Rex Ryan's temper-tantrum at about the 01:30 mark? The Steelers had just gotten the go-ahead 1st down and it was all over but the kneeling. Ryan violently threw his headset down and commenced to cursing. No audio of course, but I can read lips. The camera didn't stay on him long, though.

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