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Thanks to all the alert members here...

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A deep bow of gratitude to those amongst our membership who take the time and trouble to alert the moderating team to spammers! These are for you: :cheekkiss :cheers :thumbup :worship


This is a big busy board (Say that 3 times fast! Too easy you say? Ok, try "Irish Wristwatch". HA! Not so smug now I'll bet.) and even though our moderating team is dedicated and vigilant, sometimes these spamming fools manage to slip past the guards. So, our appreciation to all of you who assist in curtailing their spammy bulldroppings by clicking the report button and tipping us off. :thumbup The guilty parties have been bundled off to banned camp. Keep up the good work!


Sorry I was a bit slow....I've been laid low with my daughter's cold, which she gave me even though I tried to give it back.


Love, kidsmoke

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Does this mean I'm not going to get my $15 hotel room in a major city of my choice with a complimentary Chinese wedding dress?


Oh, Ashtray, Ashtray, what must we do to get you to read the fine print? It was a voucher for 15 ice cubes from the machine at the local Motel 6 (With one night's fully-paid stay....paid by you that is) and you were invited to wear the bedsheet as a toga. But not outside the room, please.

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Spam has been really bad lately at the forum for the game company I work for as well... Seems like it's getting worse everywhere. Captcha's don't work anymore, there are now sweatshops that hire people to do nothing but fill out captchas by the thousands a day. :no

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