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Any fans of the band, Cake?


They finally announced the follow-up to 2004's Pressure Chief


Showroom of Compassion


I got out Prolonging the Magic today.

I have never been a fan of Alpha Beta Parking Lot and there is something weird about Never There going transitioning into Guitar, so I was thinking, drop ABPL altogether and switch Guitar to track 6 as so:


Prolonging the Magic revised


Side 1

1. Satan is My Motor

2. Mexico

3. Never There

4. You Turn the Screws

5. Walk on By

6. Guitar


Side 2

7. Sheep Go to Heaven

8. When You Sleep

9. Hem of Your Garment

10.Let Me Go

11.Cool Blue Reason

12.Where Would I Be?


the fade out of Never There transitions great into the beginning of Screws.

Any thoughts?

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I got my autographed pre-order end of last week and it comes out officially tomorrow.


I'm pleasantly surprised with it. Somehow they have managed to not stray too terribly far from their trademark sound, yet it doesn't feel redundant.


I don't know if it was intentional, or because they may have had less $ for mastering, etc, but the mix sounds kinda buried. You can hear little things going on, but they're not in the forefront like prior albums. The last one had a few songs that sounded "cutesy" to me, but this one is pretty devoid of that.

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giving the album a proper listen now and I like the way it sounds. I think I was reading some reviews on itunes and everyone is saying how this one sounds so unlike Cake but it sounds exactly like Cake to me. kinda slightly deviates a little bit but not a lot.

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