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and that's why i listened to it!

Cool! :)


That thread got me pulling out some of my country discs over the weekend and I have a feeling this will spill over into the next few weeks.



Speaking of great country records, actually more a Country/Baroque Pop/Ennio Morricone affair I suppose:




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For years, I let Greil Marcus' terrible review of Steet Legal color my judgement of it.

The intervening years have left me with the view that Street Legal is genius and Greil Marcus is a pompous ass.


They did remix the whole album when it got reissued, and I think the old mix is not as good as the current version. I think it's a great album, myself. Anyway, yeah Greil Marcus is often wrong, but he's just giving his view on things - he's no more right than me - but, he is interesting to read.




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This one good? I bought it at my schools library's book sale a few weeks back for 10 cents. The only Cat Stevens I've heard is Tea For The Tillerman, but I like it quite a bit. Haven't listened to Catch Bull yet.


it's got 4 great songs on it, and then a few maudlin ones. if you've only heard tea for the tillerman, i'd suggest you also get mona bone jakon & teaser and the firecat too - mona bone jakon is my personal favourite of his, and it's kind of a half way point between his singer songwriter style of tea for the tillerman and his earlier baroque pop songs.

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same here. i think the remaster sounds great! lots of details in the songs that i didn't hear on the original.



That's encouraging...I've heard elsewhere that it's not noticeable or that it really doesn't matter that it's remastered because it sounds dated anyway. It's only $7.99 @ Best Buy this week, so I may actually cave and buy it.

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Right now, I'm just doing a "shuffle":


• Kill Some Time - Blue Ruin

• Allamana - Desmond Dekker

• Take Me Back - Ralph "Soul" Jackson

• Everyone Chooses Sides - The Wrens

• Three Hearts Later - Ronnie Self

• Si Yo Quisiera - Los Lobos

• Sister - Icehouse

• Come On Come On Come On - Cheap Trick

• Retreat - Minutemen

• Laughing - Pere Ubu

• In Blue Hawaii - Brian Wilson

• Let's Go Away - Wipers

• Follow the Plough - Cleaners From Venus

• I'm Gonna Leave (Live @ the BBC) - The Kinks

• My Bird Performs - XTC Nonsuch

• Fuck People - OFF!

• Lucky Number - Lene Lovich

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Delaney & Bonnie - On Tour with Eric Clapton (Deluxe Edition)

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