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2011 tour dates?

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Me too, exactly the same so it seems we'll be neighbours.


Also got 5th row for Montreal, centre as well.


I gave those ones up so you might have gotten mine.


I tried again right after and literally pulled up two seats dead centre row A. My friends asked me to get some for them as well, so they can take the ones aaaaaall the way back in Row F lol.

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I was trying for toronto, but couldnt get anything. I'm pretty disappointed.

I can't believe it wouldn't give me a pair anywhere.....

I had the same thing at first and I literally started trying the second the order page went up as I was refreshing the browser quite often. After a few minutes of "no tickets available" coming up I ended up exiting the page and starting again from the home page. It worked that time and I managed to snag 2 in Orchestra C to the right of center stage. Probably could have snagged center stage if things had worked out smoother, but 3 rows back right of center ain't something to complain about.

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pulled 9th row orch 2 for portland, maine. how did everyone else do?



I got 8th row orch 2 for Portland.  I swear I lost 3 rows trying to figure out if that last letter in my stupid captcha was an "H" or an "X" - can't complain though!!


We're in orch 2, row 6. See ya there! :cheers

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orchestra 6th row but off to the side for the QET. Yay!

We have 3rd row off to the right side (C30, C31). Hopefully the view isn't too bad from there. It seems okay looking at the photo on the QET site, but I've never been there so I have no idea for sure.

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Hmm, I'm thinking those are almost in the centre, but can't really remember how many seats make up the width. 50-60 maybe.


What I gotta also remember is taking the King Streetcar to Dufferin and walk rather than the stupid Bathurst Streetcar and walk.

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