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Boulder Presale Password?

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Going to try for Friday tomorrow morning. I'm really excited, I've never been to Colorado! Any idea what the theater capacity is? It looks pretty big.


Trying to figure out flight/shuttle stuff now. Life would be so much easier if I fly straight into Boulder! Best of luck to everyone trying for tix in the A.M.


Boulder Theatre is a great venue, right in the heart of Boulder's Pearl Street Mall so there is plenty of good food within walking distance (and great local beer). I seem to remember the capacity of the theatre is around 1000 people although with this show being all reserved I think it's less than that. I hope to get a ticket myself this morning and if so, I'll see you there!


And Griddles, I have no idea why your registration did not work. Good luck though!

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This ticketing site is infuriating.

Is it just taking forever to process my order, or has it crashed my browser?

Was the purchasing pretty immediate for you guys, or did it take a while?

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Yay, I got section B also (can't remember what row). See you all there!


I had general admission seats when I saw David Sedaris at Boulder theatre in October. At that time it was a small section of seats in the very back of the first floor, right next to the bar area. The balcony was not general admission (at that time anyways).


For those that are still trying, good luck with the sale tomorrow! I still don't have Saturday tickets so I will be giving that a shot.

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"1st" row of Section C (12th row, really).

Can't complain.

Can't hardly wait.


Me too!! See you there.


I was a bit worried about this. Really haven't had an easier purchase in some time. Very nice you can pick your section. The front row of that third tier is where I would sit if I had first dibs.

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You the Fatah Ruark from that other board that should remain nameless in order to protect these good folks of ViaChicago?

S'gotta be... I mean, how many Fatah Ruarks could exist out there?


Don't know what board I belong to that should remain nameless...but if it's not me someone's getting a beating! I am the one and only. :P


That's my name on most boards so...


Can't wait for this.

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