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I had a ticket for The National last night at Thompson’s Point in Maine, but they were getting slammed with torrential rain and lightning, so I passed. I’ll explain why.


The FB event page was full of people begging them to either cancel, postpone or move the show over to the State Theater. Of course, at a certain point the Thompson Point FB event page had the comments locked for every thread about the show. I think even umbrellas were still not allowed into the venue.


I didn’t want to risk getting there in terrible conditions and find out that they moved the show to a place that has less capacity than the original venue. I think they moved a show last year and it was a disaster. Lots of people shut out.


October seems really far for their Boston performance. Sadly, if you believe the weather app, it looks like there was just fog during the showtime. Photos on social media showed a muddy field. Bummer! Makes me realize how lucky we were for Wilco 2 years ago. That was a perfect day.

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