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Kate & Graham, sitting in a tree...

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Our VC members Kate (Reni) and Graham, the duck-billed catechist, have brought into this troubled world a perfect little bundle of beauty, just today. Please join me in sending our congratulations and love to Kate and Graham, daughter Emily, and brand new bundle of bliss, Bea.


Does somebody have her birth time and length and weight close by? She was a big healthy weight, around 9 lbs, and the one photo I've seen (thanks Jen!) showed a radiant Kate bending over an exquisitely pretty baby.


I'm so happy for you, Kate and Graham! :wub

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Happy Birthday Bea!!!!

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thank you everyone! :) I only have one hand to type - since I have Bea in my lap - so I need to make this quick. We're relaxing, rocking, nursing and listening to Pete Seeger. :wub This kid has me utterly blissed out. I am so in love.....as we all are. Big sister Em is sooooo smitten and loves to help with her bath and rock her in the swing.


heeeeere's Bea!!










with big sister....



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