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Jeff Tweedy -- 4/15/11, Chicago, IL

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The show last night was a lot of fun.


I'm going to give a lot of that credit to the people who got there early and put their requests in with Sue. The setlist was wonderful. You picked the right amount of deep cuts, b sides and maybe most difficult for a diehard to request: hits!!! This was my 22nd Jeff Tweedy solo show and the shows without any hits aren't as fun as the ones where they are mixed in.


Jeff did a great job of putting the songs in a great running order too.


The crowd was nice. Quiet during the songs (too quiet on sing along parts?) and the right amount of obnoxious between songs. No epic stories from the stage, but great comedic timing as always and good banter with the audience. The Vic needs to ditch the new hand dryers in the bathrooms!!!! They really are loud for an acoustic show and were noticed by all (including Mr. T). Maybe we can all make a pact to not dry our hands tonight.


Highlights for me were: Thirteen, Walken, Born Alone, Shake it Off (surprisingly) & Radio King.


Jeff went on around 7:40 for those going tonight. The crowd didn't trickle in until very close to 7:30 last night. They are selling event tshirts, posters signed by the artist and some (yes only some) signed by Jeff for an additional $25. Hard to believe his signature is worth $25 - he made a funny comment about that during the show.


Looking forward to tonight!

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Great show! Loved Thirteen, Candyfloos, Summerteeth, At My Window... was surpirised how little singing along was happening, but, myabe tonight will be more lively.


Jeff did a great job as usual. I love these shows!


See y'all tonight!!!

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Great all around show as always

Random Thoughts


1) Shake it off: great, not sure why this is considered a "controversial Wilco song" surprised at how good it sounded solo

2) Laminated Cat: still amazed and how much sound he gets out of one guitar for this

3) Overall setlist did have a great mix and was psyched to hear Employer and Thirteen

4) As far as the sing along comments....it works for some songs, but to be honest I want to hear Jeff sing, not my wife or the guy next to me. I appreciate the quiet respectful crowd that sang when appropriate and I didn't think it wasnt "lively"

5) Surprised he said something along the lines of "this would be a great sing a long but most of you probably dont know the words" before Candyfloss.


Was really surprised that

1) He didn't open with Spiders (I loved Future Age so I'm not complaining) just figured with April 15th being the traditional Tax day that it was the perfect opener


2)Surprised he didnt play I Got You after At My window...would have been a perfect way to close





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