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Guitar world acoustic #51

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Wow, that is too funny. I almost responded the exact same way until I read that.


I am pretty sure I have that issue but now I will make a note to myself to actually look for it. My intentions are always good, just need help with the execution part.

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Alright, I manged to dig it up. I assume the part you are interested in is the following:


As the distinctive sonorities on several Yankee Hotel Foxtrot songs demonstrate, Tweedy, who favors vintage Gibson J-45's and Martin 0-18's, likes his altered tunings. "About half the new record is either in DADFAD (open D minor) or DADAAD he notes. Whenever the chords sound a little unusual, it's probably one of those.


I don't see any specifics about songs or anything but hope that helps.

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I have the following:


Kamera [ Open D - D A D F# A D (no capo) ]

Radio Cure [ Open D - D A D F# A D (no capo) ]

Pot Kettle Black [ Open D - D A D F# A D (no capo) ]


None in DADFAD or DADAAD. However, these songs (mostly) get played on the bottom three strings - DADxxx; therefore, you could almost use any of these tunings interchangeably.

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