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The first new song that I've written in 3 YEARS!

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Serious writer's block.

I do have to tweak the lyrics a little. And the arrangement will probably need some fine tuning. But this was a video that I made of me playing this very simple little Buck Owens-type tune on the night that I wrote it -- less than an hour after I jotted down the last note on a scrap of paper that I found laying around on my night stand.

Maybe I'll record it?


Hope that you like it.

Let me know.

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So I debuted this song last night at an open mic, despite the fact that I have not yet had the time to really finish the thing. I just wanted to see how people responded to it.

It got a pretty good response. Very encouraging.

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I just demoed this thing on Friday. Sadly, I don't have the file to post yet, but I am kinda excited about the guitar solo that I came up with for the thing. After several passes at it in one style, I had the idea to drop my pick, and go after it more in the style of Mark Knopfler (crossed with James Burton).

I realize that raises expectations to a level that there is no way in hell that I can ever even come close to approaching, but I am still pretty stoked that it is nothing like I have ever played before. At least not on tape. And I think that, after I practice the part some more, it is going to sound pretty hot.

Now I just gotta get that demo from my friend Rich, who recorded it, so that I can listen to it some more.

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