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Wilco weekend on SiriusXM

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For those of you with satellite radio, Wilco is "taking over" The Spectrum (Channel 28) this weekend starting at 5 pm (EDT) on friday.


Here's what the Sirius website says:


Wilco is taking over the Spectrum to celebrate the band's new album, The Whole Love. All weekend long, hear the group introduce new and old Wilco songs and pick out some personal favorites.


Plus hear Wilco's new album in its entirety with exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary from the bandmembers, as well as an exclusive performance recorded at Wilco’s private loft, just for SiriusXM listeners!


Wilco Weekend airs September 23 at 5 pm through September 26 at 12 am ET.



Catch the exclusive album preview September 23 at 11 pm ET. Rebroadcasts September 24 at 10 am and September 25 at 7 pm ET.


The live performance airs September 24 at 12 pm ET. Rebroadcasts September 24 at 6 pm, September 25 at 9 am and 6 pm ET.




So who has the ability to capture/record the live performance from the Loft? (Saturday at noon?)


If you don't have Sirius, you may be able to sign up for a free 3 day pass (on line listening only). They used to have that option, but don't know if they still do.

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