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A Mother Can Brag!

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My oldest son, Tom, passed his orals with flying colors today. How proud can a mother be?! As proud as I am, I guess.(So proud!!! :yes) He's officially a Ph.D. candidate now!


"Thomas R. Murphy, B.S.

Ph.D. Candidate

Dept. of Cell Biology and Neuroscience

UC Riverside"


You're amazing, Tom! You always have been. xo! :cheekkiss

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Lady Wilco,

Happy to speak of this event! If old son need help in English language for oral qualification then I am best in village to help for sure. I give time for free to this fierce cause! I make recommend of songbook of the Abba for all who are not of the English as pleasant diversion from weighty tomb of textbook - which is speaking strictly for you of the American persuasion also - being all hot dog mustard and General Washington on river boat with the u dropping shortcut.


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Very nice. Congratulations to the Dr. and the proud mother!!!

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