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Great Article On Wilco (Cover of Relix Magazine)

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Wilco is on the cover of the October/November issue of Relix magazine. I grabbed a copy that Relix was selling at the Central Park shows and finally got around to reading it. The magazine has a great article on Wilco and their new album.


Some quotes from the article:


"It was just time for this band to have that 'get lost in the studio' record, becaus this band hasn't done that yet. Wilco has done that. But this band hasn't done that." - Pat Sansone


"Are you a happy person or a sad person? It's a bullshit question. Nobody has ever simply been a happy person or a sad person, unless they're insane." - Jeff Tweedy


"I think it's a problem that ambiguity is so intolerable to people. People are so afraid of all the shit that they don't know and can't know that they're willing to will themselves into ignorance." - Jeff Tweedy

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