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The Whole Love Track Ratings

Guest McGuffin

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Standing O was the one that on first listen I groaned at, but I think it's just the Big Dumb Rock intro that threw me off. It's a very unique Wilco song. I dig it.


Agree, really thought it didn't fit at first, now I think it is a unique wilco style look at th emusic industry. And a great song.

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Guest Jesus Etc

Art of Almost - 10

I Might - 10

Sunloathe - 6

Dawned On Me - 10

Black Moon - 5

Born Alone - 10

Open Mind - 8

Capitol City - 8

Standing O - 10

Red Rising Lung - 5

Whole Love - 10

One Sunday Morning - 10

I Love My Label - 8

Message From Mid-Bar - 6

Speak Into The Rose - 7

Black Moon (Alt) - 5

Sometimes It Happens - 5


I Love My Label sounds like Tom Petty.

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