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Jeff Tweedy & Ryan Adams - a comparison

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This comparison doesn't surprise me. Adams career arc has been self modeled around the alt country movement, UT, and Wilco in many ways. When Whiskeytown was first working on "Pneumonia" with Scott Litt (circa late 1998-99), the album's working title was "Doing That". A direct homage to "Being There". Adams was unhappy with Litt's production job. Adams wanted something more sonically adventurous. So he then brought in Ethan Johns to rework and re-record much of the material. Johns would stay on board for Heartbreaker and Gold. During that time Wilco was already doing something more sonically adventurous, Summerteeth. I know that Adams caught a Wilco show in LA during that time period (in between the two versions of Pneumonia). Coincidence.....


As to Heartbreaker, I don't think that Gillian Welch and David Rawlings get the credit writing and playing they deserve on that record. They recorded Time(The Relivator) following their time recording with Adams. Both records have a sound that I haven't heard on any other Adams disc. Coincidence....


I like Ryan Adams and his music. I think that he inadvertently borrows sounds and riffs and creates something new out of them. A mimic if you will. Unoriginal.


I think that you can compare Adams to many singer songwriters because he is a student of music. Tweedy is also a student of music, and a mimic at times early in his career. The primary difference, in my opinion, is that Tweedy found a unique voice and sound as a songwriter. Adams is still searching...and listening for the next great idea. I think that is why he has released so much material.

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I have really enjoyed Ryan Adams' music over the years, and just saw a 2 1/2 hour solo show from a few rows back in our symphony hall. It was the first time I have seen him live, and he was very entertaining. I was grateful to be there listening in that setting with such a musician. That being said, for me musically and, frankly, emotionally, there was no comparision to seeing Jeff's solo NW tour in Seattle, some of which is documented on the DVD. That was the most stunning solo performance I've ever seen.

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I kinda like Ryan Adams, enjoy some of the albums, but don't love them.


I think Ryan Adams has been pretty much above-average and not much else in his career. His high's fall way short of Tweedy's but his line seem pretty consistent. Nothing amazing, but decent enough to listen to

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