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Haven't pulled out my Dirty Work record out in a long while --- remember buying when it was released. My first Stones record I bought was Tattoo You (on 8 Track) then, Still Life on vinyl. Must have bought Tattoo You in late 81, because I remember getting Still Life soon after it was released.


Anyway - Dirty Work is ok -- production does stink. But Mick sings the hell out of "Winning Ugly" and the music on "Back to Zero" is pretty cool. 


Anyway, while reading up on Dirty Work, I forgot that Watts was going through his heroin/drinking phase during this time and Jagger did not want to go on tour, because Watts was not in any shape. Which of course pissed Richards off, since the whole reason for going into the studio was to record and then do a tour.


Crazy - 36 years later, hitting the road without Charlie.


It would been interesting to see how much the Stones history would have been altered, if they went on the road in 85 and 86. Guessing the 89 tour would not have happen. Even though 89 was the 1st show I seen him, I more than likely would have went to the 86 concerts with my older sister and her boyfriend. Guessing, my mom would have made my sister drag her 13 old brother along. Also,  if they went on the road in 86, they would not have brought along the backup singers and large horn section. It seemed that a lot went down - concert production wise - from 86 to 89. 




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There is a Tattoo You boxset coming out at some point. I think Charlie does not play all the drums on that album. Although - I don't really know much about their albums after Tattoo You.

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