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Albums of the year 2011

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My list:


1) Richard Laviolette and the Oil Spills - All of Your Raw Materials


This thing was recorded at the House of Miracles, down the street from my house in 2009. It got a CDR release and then picked up by Steve (ex Constaintines) Lambke and Daniel Romano's You've Changed records last year. Second time in a row where a couple records from You've Changed have made my list. They're replaced 3-gut as the best Canadian indie label ever.


The record itself reminds me of the Silver Hearts/NMH/Burning Hell, a fall apart, acoustic boozchestra with a great live show. Except I totally missed all of the concerts in 2010 and am kicking myself when the Youtubes have them playing local backyards and a couple small Toronto bars. The other bad thing is that it seems Laviolette has all but disappeared, pulling a short term Mangum.


2) Fucked Up - David Comes to Life. Black Flag doing Quadrophenia. Meta-plot, Meta-parts, cookie-monster vocals and 50 guitar overdubs. All this is even ten times better at the live show. I got a sweaty Pink-eyes hug in September and got to sing 'dieing on the inside' into the microphone.


3) Brian Dunn - Examining the Fallout


If Ryan Adams put this out, there would be 'better than heartbreaker' comments. Brian is the other guy from Ox and has an inhouse film maker to produce these gorgeous videos. This is the song Broken




4) Deloro - S/T.


Joy Joy Joy. This is Jennifer Castle (the 'dieing on the inside' voice from David Comes To Life voice) fronting One Hundred Dollars.


5) One Hundred Dollars - Songs of Man. So, these guys are just the ultimate band right now. They either backed up/produced and or appeared on 5 of the records in my top 20 (Deloro, this, last year's Doug Paisley, CastleMusic, Fucked up Presents David's Town and Bry Webb's Provider). They were already close to being an institution for the two Jon Rae and The River records.


Songs of Man, has 2 or 3 anthems. Black Gold and this nation's headlong frenzy into making global warming that much quicker, is the best example. Every song is written from a man's perspective, which is kinda strange because Simone, the lead singer and lyricist is female.


The only reason I don't rank it higher is that I really dislike reverb, which is just me.


6) Christine Fellows - Femmes des Chez Nous.


This is concept album about a convent in Winnipeg. Fellows and her cello playing band performed the whole thing in the actual convent and it is beautiful.


7) Singing Adams - Every one Friends Now. Better than the last Broken Family Band record. Married Woman is such a beautiful song.


8) Dawes - Nothing is Wrong. Toto for this decade. Fine by me.


9) Daniel Romano - Sleep Beneath the Willows


David Lynch and George Jones walk into a bar...


10) Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune.


Not transfixed by this in the same way that Nice Nice Very Nice got played everyday for about two years. It's darker.


just missed:


Richard Buckner

the Weather Station

Deep Dark Woods

Ox - Tuco

Fucked Up Presents David's Town

Middle Brother

The Frightened Rabbit EP



Not enough time with and reserve the right to include next year:

Bry Webb - Provider

The Burning Hell


Not enough time with but will not include next year:

Black Lips - Arabia Mountain

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That Yuck album just arrived in my inbox. From what I've been hearing on the boards and in the press, this may wind up shifting around my top 10 or even top 5?

Gonna give it a first listen soon.

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Agreed. Although, it seems like this year there isn't a single album that is "top 10 good." A lot of good albums, but nothing great this year.


au contraire, at least for me. these records i'll be listening to for quite some time in the future:


Mogwai - hardcore will never die, but you will

Grails - Deep Politics

Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo

Slug Guts - Howlin' Gang

Locrian - The Clearing

Oranssi Pazazu - Kosmonument

Lifeguards - Waving at the Astronauts

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"Continue to listen to" or "listening to for quite some time in the future" seem like low thresholds for greatness. There should be something more. I don't think an album from this year had that. At least, not for me.

There are many years where there are no albums like that.

And there are more and more years like that, the older I get.

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Write-up on The Whole Love in NPR's favorite 50 of the year:


With its blistering, seven-minute opening track, "Art of Almost," The Whole Love lets you know right away that you're in for another challenging, polarizing roller-coaster of a Wilco ride. Musically stellar, lyrically compelling and a true album — the artful sequence matters — it's another step forward on one of rock's most fascinating paths. The band has, quite simply, done it right, with a successful tour, innovative videos and a singer in Jeff Tweedy who's now making a name for himself as a reverent producer of legacy artists like Mavis Staples. Another collection of experimental-yet-tight, hooky-yet-loud, broken-yet-whole, Americana-yet-electronica, endlessly adventurous music, The Whole Love honors the greats and comes close to describing the stars. (Rita Houston, WFUV)

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"Continue to listen to" or "listening to for quite some time in the future" seem like low thresholds for greatness. There should be something more. I don't think an album from this year had that. At least, not for me.


ok, i'll requote.





fuck yeah!

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There are many years where there are no albums like that.

And there are more and more years like that, the older I get.

See above. Some folks here can dis you for this, but that's just the way it goes.


As always records keep sounding better and better, but seem less and less permanent. Gotta get back on that other thread and post some crap there.



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i have to say, jonny corndawg's "down on the bikini line" is one of favorite records of the year. anyone else?



I tried really hard to get into him, but he seems like a stereotyping novelty act

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you sure about that?



there were a lot of records released...


Wellll no haha.

Just my opinion obviously, but a good chunk of the new stuff I've listened to this year felt a lot of the same old stuff to me. Either artists reprising something that I got bored of 3 years ago, or just taking steps backwards.

Thats how I felt about a good chunk of the major bands that released stuff this year.

I'd say the Tedeschi Trucks Band album was probably the most original thing I've heard this year. I have yet to hear anything that sounds remotely like it, and its a very nice breath of fresh air, as was Noel's. Maybe its because its nice to hear some distinctly British sounding music after being inundated with Americans for so long.

Again, all IMHO

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