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Wilco — 12/15/11, Chicago, IL (Vic Theatre)

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One question I had though was what was up with the poster? I was expecting it to keep with the theme of the exterior of the venue, but instead we get a picture of what looks to be a statue of a woman's face. I'm assuming it has something to do with the details in the Vic, but i've never noticed it before. May be a moot point since it's not yet for sale on the Kung Fu store, but I was kind of disappointed.


The Vic poster is now available on the Wilco store for those wondering what we're talking about or want to purchase it.

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Excellent version of this one up on BT.ETREE...


One of the best recordings I have ever heard

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but this website is awesome. It has the 12/13 and 12/15 shows up, all tagged and everything. I think it is going to have the 12/18 show up shortly. Also has lots of good My Morning Jacket, Ryan Adams, and Drive-By Truckers shows, if your into that kind of that thing.



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