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Movie actors who also sing

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While I'm not precisely the most informed to discuss Jeff Bridges, the few movies that I've seen (Big Lebowski, True Grit, The Lookout) have left me really satisfied with his work.


I recently streamed his album, it was slow paced, folk, and there was probably a SXSW performance if I recall correctly, nothing really that would made me run to the nearest store and get a copy of the album.


Then there is William Shatner, Hugh Laurie, I haven't watched a single episode of House M.D., so I'm not excited about a Laurie album either, although I understand that there is a large swath of television audience that tunes in to his show every week (or weekday?).


Then there is Timberlake, and although I may be too old to find his music appealing, in the very few films that I've seen he appears to be a very frank, down to earth person, I especially enjoyed his work in Alpha Dog.


So, what to make of these actors/singers? Is there true music, songwriting talent there?


During a period of my life I was listening to a lot of Sinatra, although I've never seen any of his movies.

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John Travolta can sing. Don't think that he writes songs, but as far as doing musicals and stuff, he can sing (and, of course, dance), so that is all cool.


But, it seems like you are looking at actors as more than just being able to sing, but as musical artists in their own right. I can think of a few.


Zooey Dachanel

One of the most beautiful voices out there. And, She & Him isn't my thing, but it's not bad.


Kevin Bacon

Apparently The Bacon Brothers have some pretty decent roots/rock stuff.


Rick Springfield

Musician first, but then made his name as an actor before having hit songs in the 80s.


Lyle Lovett

Yeah, I know, he's a musician who acts. But I happen to love his acting in those Altman movies, so I am including him here!

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The best actor singing has to be Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood in 'Paint your Wagon'.


As mentioned earlier, Tom Waits has put in some great movie performances over the years. He was the lead in the Jarmusch film 'Down by Law' which was great.


Not a singer but Woody Allen plays a mean clarinet and has a jazz band. If I recall he once missed an Oscars ceremony because was playing in a local club.


I believe Jenny Lewis started out as an actress.


Do Spinal Tap count?



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Do Spinal Tap count?

HELLY YES, Spinal Tap counts!


And, great call on Dan Akroyd, howdjadoo. So, for that matter, you gotta include John Belushi, too.

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