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Hi Everyone,


We have gotten a few reports from members saying that they have been unable to post. They are able to contact us by pm, and able to view the board content, but not post. If this has happened to you, please be advised that we are aware of this glitch and are working to determine its cause and remedy the problem.


You can always contact us if you have anything to add. This seems to be affecting only a very small number of members, and we will get it resolved as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience to those of you who have been affected!

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At first I thought maybe it was a Firefox foul-up, but the spellcheck works in other places - just not here.


Also - as some people mentioned in that other thread, the log-in does not seem to work sometimes. For me - it works at work, but not at home. I have to open the sign-in as a new tab in order to log-in.

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