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Im not so sure about Bull Black Nova

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I used to own an olve drab green Nova. Great car. Not such a great song, but I kind of like hearing it because I owned a similar car.




my first car was a bull purpley vega, so i can relate.


and i freakin love that song (live)

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Didn't like the song too much on the album. But I think it comes alive and is a killer tune in the live setting. Not to say I want to hear it at every show, but still think it's a balls to the walls rocker live.


I like that you say this is a killer tune. because it is, lyrically. :shifty


Driving home tonight in the dark during a violent thunderstorm gave Bull Black Nova the proper feel of the song, especially during bursts of the electric lightning! :omg


That sounds deliciously intense, if a bit terrifying.

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sooutoftune.org (love this site) has the March 31, 2012 Vic show where it was played.


It is mis-labeled though. I Might is actually BBN.

I'm finding a lot of that on sooutoftune.org. Lots of songs don't match the setlist. Not that I'm complaining -- it's a great site and a treasure trove of Wilco/Tweedy love!

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OK those of you who do not like WTA listen again and realize that JT must have some sort of extra lobe in his brain that is stricktly devoted to writing melodies. oh and BBN is fine once in a while (its the layers ppl) and my "set killer" is 100% radio cure. Also why doesnt anyone complain about having to hear HMD and ITMWLY every night?

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I've always loved Radio Care, but that moment at Solid Sound 2 when the PA cut out and the audience kept it going just sealed it into one of my favorite musical moments. But I have another Wilco friend who considers it a snoozer, so I guess it's one of the more polarizing Wilco songs. 

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Hearing Jeff do this by himself is pretty intense....listen to it solo if you can.

It is amazingly cool solo. It should have been on Roadcase #25 (from L.A. night #2 of a 4 night run 12/16/13)- between "Dash 7" & "One True Vine" & Roadcasae #28 (from Seattle- it should be between "Kamera" & "One True Vine") as well, but also all the material from "Wilco (The Album)" has been edited out of the recent Roadcase releases of acoustic shows (Roadcase #24-30). from #24- "You & I" (and the aborted "Country Disappeared"- but that makes sense) #25- "Bull Black Nova" #26- "Solitaire", "One Wing" & I'll Fight" #27- is a complete show #28- "Bull Black Nova" #29- "Solitaire" and "You & I" #30- "One Wing".

He did about 1/2 the album over the course of these shows & they are all edited out.

Happily though...the official Wilco website very recently added a great Jeff Tweedy solo acoustic show from Seattle, WA on 12/8/13 & it features a great solo version of "Bull Black Nova":


For fans of "Wilco (The Album)" both "I'll Fight" and "You & I" are also featured on this other fine, fairly recently added, solo acoustic show from Boulder, CO on 1/8/11:



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