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Im not so sure about Bull Black Nova

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I dont get this thread at all.


its a great big energy song and hte outro is fantastic.  Maybe its the Phish fan in me speaking but i could hear this evernight and hear a 10 min version


the guitar line right after "there's blood on my hands, there's blood in the trunk" is perfect


Songs I could hear live every show:  Impossible Germany, ALTWYS, Impossible Germany, Art of Almost, Spiders

Songs I could do without: Jesus Etc, Heavy Metal Drummer, ITMWLY, 

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Live this one rips and gives Nels a chance to shine.

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haha Lanegan could maybe do it!

yeah after I saw the one on ACL I kinda changed my mind plus again Jeff seems to love it so who am I to say anything?

To me it was kinda like the kraut (or whatever) version of Spiders. I personally like the older and newer version x1000 times better but again im an idiot.

I also pine for the original versions of One Wing where Pat would jump up and come lay down some tasty licks on his geetar 

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