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This place always seems to lead me to (although sometimes in a really round about way) to music that draws me in.


In a thread about Patterson Hood's side project the Screwtopians, I read about this Will Johnson of Centro-Matic who was playing guitar on his tour. I really dug the live stuff I heard on the tour...so I filed it away.


A couple of weeks ago, I read about Jay Farrar's new Mermaidesque side project, and somebody mentioned Will Johnson (somebody said he would run away with the project).

Ahhh...Will Johnson again.


I read somewhere else that Will Johnson was playing drums with the Monsters of Folk...


I don't have to be clubbed in the head continually to get the message...I felt the need to check out this Will Johnson and his band Centro-Matic.


Hmmm...based in Denton. FM says they are/were associated with Slobberbone. Indie Lo-Fi rock? Alt-Country.

Right down the middle of the plate for me.


And, as all things eventually lead to Wilco, Will Johnson played drums for Jay Bennett and Edward Burch and for Son Volt


Checked out some songs on iTunes...the early records were really interesting Low Fi stuff. South San Gabriel Mountains? Same guys playing acoustic music.




I am now fully on the Centro-Matic Band Wagon. And looking at their discography, looks like I'm going to need a third job...

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Was listening to Centro-Matic's last one in the car yesterday. Good band.

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You can't go wrong with any of their records. I'd start with Centro-matic--maybe All The Falsest Hearts Can Try, Fort Recovery or Candidate Waltz first--then move on to South San Gabriel and the solo stuff. But seriously, they're all stellar.

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