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What does your upcoming concert schedule look like?

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How was the Portlandia show? I'd love to see that if they were touring anywhere near me.


It was a fun show. Guests included Margaret Cho (a fairly new Atlanta resident), Jack McBrayer (a native of Atlanta's far flung suburbs) and musical guest Eleanor Friedburger (from Fiery Furnaces). We had to leave a few minutes early, so we probably missed a strong ending. They played some music, showed some unaired clips, had a Q&A session with the audience, and a slide show of Fred and Carrie's old photos.


There was a notice on the entry to the venue that the show was being filmed, so you'll probably get to see a tour film at some point.

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Only ones I'm definitely going to are the Magnetic Fields and the Feelies but thinking about some others:


Wild Flag - Paradise March 31

Magnetic Fields - Berklee April 6 and 7

Lambchop - Paradise April 17

M Ward (w/Lee Ranaldo opening) - House of Blues May 8

Feelies - Paradise May 12


oh yeah, i am gonna see M Ward, and i forgot about The Feelies too.

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St. Vincent - Knoxville, May 22

Justin Townes Earle with Tristen - Asheville, May 23


Never seen any of these artists live before.. Stoked about St. Vincent, more than stoked about finally seeing JTE, and I'm just getting into Tristen. Really good stuff.

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of montreal on april 2nd is all i got for now and i'm extremely excited for that one. their new album is pretty amazing.


i will also be attending the forecastle festival in july and i am eagerly awaiting the lineup next week. i have a strong feeling wilco is going to be on the bill. we'll see.

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Roger Waters at Fenway on July 1st!


My husband would love to see Roger Waters! The closest he'll be to here is Chicago or the Twin Cities, though, and I don't think even that much travel is in the cards for us this spring.


Unless you count the kids' school concerts ;), until Wilco swings through these here parts again, it's gonna be a dry year-plus in terms of concerts. Thank goodness for internet access and living vicariously through others.

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only if you like The Wall, i suppose.



pretty much any other PF record (aside from The Final Cut) would be a better choice....


I agree, The Wall is not my fave Pink Floyd by a long shot. I saw the tour (a friend took me for free, otherwise I'd not have paid to see it) and it was well done, but for me it paled in comparison to the Dark Side Of The Moon tour Roger did 5 years ago or so. That tour was great because Dark Side is one of the greates albums of all time and it was well played, but there was also room in the show for some other Floyd stuff. Hearing just one song from The Final Cut was kinda cool. Since I only listened to that album for a year or so when it came out and I literally had not heard it in all the years since, it took me right back in time, it was trippy.


I wouldn't discourage anyone from going to see the Wall tour, because it's well done, too, but its just not that great of a record, IMO.

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Personally I'd much rather see David Gilmour perform than Roger.. But I'm a guitar nut, and David's one of the greatest...


Gilmour is amazing! That would probably be my husband's preference too. He's a classic rock enthusiast and guitar nut too. Wilco he's not so fond of (ironically though, he was the one that found Wilco for me), although there's a song here and there he likes (I'm a Wheel and Casino Queen for instance). I've been trying to think of a way to get him to listen in to Nels Cline, in hopes that maybe he'll be hooked and want to go to Solid Sound with me someyear! Or at least a Wilco show?

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