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In Less than 24 Hrs.

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I will become a mother-in-law. How weird! Son Tom, now 25 and a grad student & neuroscience researcher, is marrying the love of his life, Sarah. (Also a grad student & researcher in Cell Biology)


Feel free to (mentally) join in our party! :party to the almost Mr.& Mrs.!!!


:wub True love...there's nothing better!

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This is scenario of perfect match for famous song of favour for all, but for the young persons I find twisting to normal version for this moment. Sometime I find the young persons need version of hipster kind for first attraction to the Abba, before full pop formula has subtle influence of the unconscious. If this method is failure, then method of plan number B is to make fierce schnapps attack - this is not so subtle in unconscious effect but is guaranteed conversion to the Abba and the fur boots style.


Happy nups to all!



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Thank you, everyone, for the warm wishes and the craving for lobster with drawn butter (lammycat!). The wedding was gloriously glitch-free and beautiful, and although some rain was in the forecast, it never happened. We got a gorgeous spring day. We had so much fun.


Lotti, thank you for putting your inimitable spin on the proceedings! If anyone understands true love, it would be Abba. For those of you now sporting headaches from trying to watch the backwards "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" video, or from the fierce schnapps attack provoked by watching that, I give you the forwards version:




More champagne for everybody! Omigawd there was a lot of champagne at their wedding! Later in the evening I saw that son Brennan had abandoned carrying around a flimsy plastic champagne glass and had taken to simply toting around a half-full bottle from which to sip. His mother might have followed suit, but who really remembers these things?


Tin cans and shoes on a bumper can be heard for a surprisingly long distance, and make champagne-drunk people giggle helplessly. :yes :party

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Congrats to you and the happy newlyweds! I'm guessing there was some Wilco played at the reception??


Oh yes...I remember "I'm the Man" and "I'm Always in Love" blasting happily


we, being kg and i just now saw this and it freaked us out and made us feel old. thanks.


and congratulations to you and tom and the mrs.


You two?! You two are just pups! Now me, I'm approaching decrepit. Stop freaking out. You'll get there in time. :thumbup


Congrats to Tom!

How was the wedding??


Big clouds of wedding bubbles lifting off over riotously happy music and tables groaning with incredible dishes of food...too, too much food!...and a wedding cake handmade by an incredibly talented friend who spent days putting it together, handpainting sculpted flowers etc.....wow!....this wedding had layers and layers of love, not just between Tom and Sarah, but so obviously from all their friends and family. A very good start to a life together!


The ceremony itself was simply but lovely. Sarah had an amazing dress and the bridesmaids and groom & groomsmen looked wonderful. All the time & thought Tom & Sarah had put in really paid off. I'll try to post a picture or two soon.

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