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Jeff's Hair: Then And Now

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You got that right! Of all the guys, John has such an easy appeal. He looks like he'd be easy to talk to, from the perspective of a rabid fan.


But back to Jeff's hair. I kind of wish he'd play around with the vintage 50's look he was working, maybe in the late 90's.


How 'bout this?



i love this picture of jeff.

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From an interview with "Hair on the Brain" in May 2010 http://www.haironthe...w-salon-owners/[/size]>


Sparrow is the new big-deal hair salon in Chicago. Owners Susan Flaga and Bathsheba Nemerovski opened the salon in a 120 year-old building in Logan Square, and they’ve gotten tons of attention ever since–the New York Times called Bathsheba one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets. Well, the secret is out. Sparrow has cultivated a devoted following, thanks to the duo’s low-maintenance cuts and natural-looking color. And Bathsheba cuts everyone’s hair from Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy to pre-teen blogging sensation, Tavi Gevinson.



HOTB: How did you wind up doing Jeff Tweedy’s hair?

Bathsheba: Jeff and his wife Susie have been friends of mine for years. I do the whole family’s hair.


I gotta come out of seclusion for this one...Jeff PAID for that haircut?

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You, too, can request a "Jeff Tweedy" for under 65 dollars including tip.


"Bathsheba Nemerovski


at Sparrow offers a low-maintenance cut ($56) favored by the likes of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy."

(From Chicago Magazine, Sept. 2011

http://www.chicagoma...e=2&siarticle=1 )


It was a little cool when it appeared to be a DIY, sloppy hair statement. Now that it's a high couture hair style...

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I'd like to see some sort of chart showing the relationship between the cost of Jeff's haircuts and the quality of his music.


I don't think "quality of music" is objectively quantifiable, but I think probably if we go by record sales as an indicator, then there should be a strong correlation between haircuts he can afford and high record sales.


I love Jeff Tweedy's hair. I love his hat. I love his music. I would gladly pay for his haircuts by buying more records, merchandise and seeing live shows.

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